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  1. Just copy linux-rockchip64-current.config after your configurations from ./output/config/ to ./userpatches/ and it will be reused for the same family (ie boards within rockchip64 family, but not rk3399)
  2. Igor, would it be possible/easy to roll out headers packages together with new images? Personally I mean rockchip64 which headers are still smth 5.3.y, or should appropriate family header packages for 32 bit architecture (eg rockchip) be used (sorry, but I do not know how header packages differ, just see that size/sha differ for the same kernel version).
  3. FYI, Rock Pi 4B 1.3, though with spi flash soldered and mmc module. Just flashed 19.11.7 with kernel 5.4.8 minimal image. It boots fine. Now installing desktop just to see how it goes. With 19.11.6 somehow could not change root password at first login. BR Max
  4. Please replace CONFIG_MEDIA_SUPPORT=y with CONFIG_MEDIA_SUPPORT=m in configs to allow out of tree V4L drivers compilation and use (DVB in particular). This is probably relevant for all boards. I wrote on my experience here: Regards, Max
  5. Hi, I've tried the same for a while with TBS5580 (dvb-s2/t2/etc usb card) for tinkerboard running ambrian kernel 4.4.y I've used TBS github repo for V4L drives which seems has extra TBS open source drivers added to V4L, but straight building and loading modules did not work - I've got kernel panic containing [ 13.721533] PC is at dvb_usb_fe_wakeup+0x20/0x60 [dvb_usb] [ 13.723656] LR is at dvb_frontend_init+0x28/0x74 [dvb_core] etc. It seems that since 4.4 there were changes in dvb-core and/or dvb-usb making just separately compiled driver modules some