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    pfry got a reaction from TRS-80 in sick and tired of my Armbian desktop locking and crashing   
    I was just referring to the RK3399 boards (given the extra regulators for the A72s and GPU, it's apparent that the RK808/818 was designed for a less power-hungry SOC), but yeah, it's pretty obvious to me now (!) that the implementations vary. A lot, considering the relatively minor variances, mostly in the peripherals (audio codec, W-Fi, eMMC, etc.). The Realtek Ethernet phy is pretty much a standard, at least. What a tangle. Nothing that can't be solved with enough time and money. It's too bad both are tough to come by.
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    pfry got a reaction from gounthar in Ramblings and progress with the RK3399   
    The Orange Pi RK3399 has 5V and 3.3V available on the 40-pin header (and nowhere else that I can see offhand). Pinout is in the manual; it's a standard .1"/2.54mm header - lots of connector options. The mSATA interface is a bit inconvenient (uncommon); it also has 3.3V power available - perfect for an mSATA device; not much use if you're adapting it to a 2.5" device. I didn't check to see how much power is available, but I'd expect it to be fine for typical devices.