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  1. Nearly a year later, and other people asking me in my inbox if I got it to work. No I didn't, I'm still on SPI + USB, but if anybody got it to work, please post it here so me and others can get this to work
  2. I power my board with GPIO, and it´s running stable at 1152 MHz with the stock psu, stress testet it over a few days running a cpu miner on it. The part is missing and I bought the board when it came out. (I think it was summer last year) ARMBIAN 5.38.180128 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 4.14.18-sunxi64
  3. Because you lan is running 100Mbps ? = 10MB/s (actually 12.5MB/s) So I think you are confusing bits and bytes. 1 Mbps = 0.125 MB/s USB3 wont get you anywhere since the board only supports USB2.
  4. Ok I can confirm that my Orange PI Plus 2 upgrade from Headless Ubuntu 5.36to 5.38 (Stable) worked without problems. Orange PI Plus 2E upgrade from Headless Ubuntu 5.37 (nightly) to 5.38 (nightly) worked without problems. So looks like the legacy images are the problem :/
  5. It´s working here EDIT: (God damn it, didn't see that it was the real Opi+ he is talking about, forgot about that one since the image for the opi+2 says opi+, sorry, nothing to see here )
  6. Looking in the forums for a few days and reading up on a lot of stuff, I got the zero to boot from spi and USB, fairly easy once you got the right commands, and replacing "linux-u-boot-next-orangepipc2_5.34_arm64" with the version on the image for the board. The I tried NFS shares and that worked fine to, but now I want to boot directly from another server, providing different folders for each board that I have and use spi for the boot. The reading the forum again to find out more about NFS booting, and mostly found this "hurray I got it to work" then kind of leaving the rest of us hanging there thinking HOW??? I was then reading about uboot and found out that it have ethernet enabled, so guess it´s prepared for this kind of booting. So I need to change something in uboot so it will know what ip and folder to look after, since I'm looking into booting different boards? Oh and heres a picture of my crazy project.
  7. Yes. and https://wiki.debian.org/BridgeNetworkConnections#Manual_bridge_setup
  8. fulvio (The man behind Zeroshell) Are looking into migrating to Kernel 4.13.x The project looks damn cool.
  9. 1. How about a uploader top100 to motivate users to share bandwith with torrents ? and that way limit your bandwith use on your servers ? (if it´s a problem)
  10. same here, like I said, thats why I wont use the pulpstone image, but if they are using Armbian, then maybe they will update in the near future.
  11. The image is actually on Zeroshells homepage http://www.zeroshell.org/download/
  12. The old kernel is the reason I didn't use the pulpstone image, it do work on the R1 (wifi doesn't) but the old kernel is a no go. and looking around it seems that openwrt and the mainline kernel is not an option yet.
  13. Oh well, we are all mad in here Here is my expandable IoT backend with 4 Zeros, 1 R1 and a C.H.I.P. Going to be expanded with some new ZeroPlus. Why ? For fun . And yes openwrt is in the planing with the R1 so I can run them all away from my "private" network.
  14. I did it, and never got it stable, It can run for 14 days, it can run for a few hours, BUT IT WILL CRASH. You need to configure your /etc/network/interfaces. to get it to work. Delete everything in it and set it up as you normally would and it should work. Right now you have probably just set up the wifi in there, but you need to add the eth to with either a dhcp or static setup. I guess you used the adafruit guide
  15. I'm using the Orange PI Plus2 as a MineCraft and Node-Red server with the newest Kernel from armbian (ARMBIAN 5.34.171116 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.13.12-sunxi ) and so far no problems at all, haven't testet Wi-Fi, but it´s running great, It never crashes, it never overheats, even when the kids are releasing a few thousand animals and the cpu is running for hours at max speed and hitting around 60C. I startet out with the Lobonto image before finding armbian, and it was really bad, the thing constantly overheatet and I was about to throw the thing in the bin. The Orange PI Plus2E is running Wordpress + NextCloud + Node-Red, and the story is the same here. Then I have 4 Orange PI Zero H2+, and they run great to with no crashes, just as long as I dont use the Wi-Fi. But thats not Armbian that is the issue as far as I know, It´s just a bad chip design that cant handle anything. I really hope the boardmakers are supporting Armbian, because without these developers, the boards would be worthless for most users.
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