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  1. Same here, after updating to the 5.3.11 kernel my Rock64 4GB rev2 doesn't come up from the SD. I have a USB SATA-SSD, but no HDMI attached. The 4.4 kernel works perfectly fine, so I reverted back to that one. I guess we'll have to wait some time for the current branch to become fully stable.
  2. I bricked my JSM578 with the v255.1.0.1 beta firmware, so I got a new enclosure from Orico (2139C3) http://www.orico.cc/goods.php?id=6352 with a VL716 chipset. After adding a udev rule as described here TRIM works perfectly fine now.
  3. Hey, I've got a rock64, USB case with a JMS578 and a Samsung 860 evo 1Tb (ext4) in it which I'm trying to trim. I've tried it with fstrim and the wiper.sh script from here, both without success. The JMS578 is running v173.01.00.01 from odroid. After verifying that trim really doesn't work with a method like this , I'm now kinda worried about my drive health long term as even garbage collection doesn't seem to help here (because of ext4?). As people are successfully trimming with the same setup but with a 850 evo instead, I guess the problem lies here. Now my question, how can I fix this and is trimming really that important? Did anybody get trim working on a 860 evo over usb with a different cabel/case maybe? Unplugging the drive and hooking it up to a linux machine with sata from time to time should work as the last option should work I guess. Thanks in advance
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