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  1. I started a discussion on mqmaker forum here: Best Regards and Thank You, Peter
  2. There is already a complete build environment based on work done by Linaro(RFS) and Rockchip(kernel). I am not sure if it makes sense to re-invent the wheel ? Last week we got some performance patches from Willy Tarreau (you know - the cluster guy, build farm) With that It was possible to run Kodi, smplayer and some webGL demo at the same time, I just used some of the patches (e.g.set cpu throttling to 80+) Demo Video: VPU acceleration for Kodi 17 is still WIP, Jacob Chen and Marc aka Mac_l1 started on that. Kernel 4.10+ is available from another guy. Anyway I will ask Benn about your proposal for some MiQis :-) Thank You, Peter
  3. Would it be useful to have armbian on this device ? Best Regards, Peter