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    Small network running: AD DC, NAS, WEB-server, AP and GPIO stuff like "christmas tree" and a Info LCD on Banana Pi M1 and Odroid C1 (should be replaced by Banana Pi M2)
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  1. Hello Community, first I want to thank Daniel for a very great Job (see https://github.com/dan-and/BPI-M2U-bsp) . His kernel is working at least as good as the one from sinovoip, it is based on this... Since I could not find any real experiences to this board in www, here are mine... The BPi-M1 replaced by BPi-M2U...called NAS2 NAS2 is running: - Web-Server - Dokuwiki - minidlna - doing backup of NAS1 as complete rsync (mirror) - doing backup of itself via rsnapshot NAS2 has connected: - WD red on sata, continuously running - WD USB HDD as backup drive via USB HUB due to power reasons - SanDisk USB Stick as mirror of NAS1 via USB HUB BPi-M2U booting from SD Card (8GB Transcend Ultimate, my favourite) - board does not like USB HUB, allways reports "possible bad connection" - does not boot from time to time in case a device is connected to USB e.g. USB Stick - heavy access on USB drive results into "reconnect as read only" + SATA is running without any issues BPi-M2U booting from eMMC: - board does not like USB HUB, allways reports "possible bad Connection" - in case of more then one USB device is connected, heavy access on USB drive results into "reconnect as read only" + 1 USB HDD can be used without any issues so far (moved USB Stick to different server) + SATA is still running without any issues + both configurations running stable, nothing like kernel panic so far Since my servers are running headless, playing with the original image shows audio via HDMI is working too... I don't care about on board Bluetooth and Wifi... regards
  2. If the two cores are busy with other tasks it slows down nas performance... since my kids really love minidlna 1 core of BPi M1 keeps busy from time to time... so now sata and eth have a seperate core which brings up performance to normal again... Sorry, as a windows guy I am not familiar with all linux community and knowledge bases... i keep on learning... so i am not following Linux-sunxi IRC... Thank you for the hints, I guess you are talking about: https://github.com/dan-and/BPI-M2U-bsp/tree/master/linux-sunxi and https://github.com/wens/u-boot-sunxi/tree/r40 but in case of kernel 4.9 is there a device tree for this board available?
  3. Hi, I have received my BPi M2U just in time before Christmas, it should replace my overloaded BPi M1 with "only two cores" I am playing with SBC's for some years now and actually I set the limit to 50$ or 50€ because I don't what to pay much for a "paper weight" like Radxa Rock (no support at all) or Odroid C1 / U3 (instable) But still I took the risk to pay 60€ for this board... finally... NOT LIKE: - image of Sinovoip - kernel (somewhere I read it should be from linaro?, who or what is TINA OS?) LIKE: - the housing of Banana Pi M3 fits - SOC keeps cool (from my point of view no heat sink needed, wonder if it would run faster then 1.2Ghz) - 2GB ram (I don't know if I will realy need it) - barrel blug (no powering via micro usb needed) - nevertheless the kernel is running stable somehow, also when dmesg shows failure due to power down of a HDD connected via USB-HUB - sata / network performance at least the same as BPi M1 but has 4 cores, therefore this board runs faster because this server has to handle minidlna, nas, web and wiki What I have done so far: - patching my server image (armbian) with kernel of sinovoip 3.10.65 (will use it till I have my own or better one) - move gmac0 to its own core 4 - move sata to its own core 3 - reuse performance settings once provided by @tkaiser (see http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-7102-1-1.html) - now I miss a toy Configuration of on-board led's: root@bananapim2u:~# cat /sys/class/leds/led3/trigger none ac-online usb-online rfkill0 [mmc0] mmc1 mmc2 timer heartbeat backlight gpio default-on root@bananapim2u:~# cat /sys/class/leds/led1/trigger none ac-online usb-online rfkill0 mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 timer heartbeat backlight gpio [default-on] root@bananapim2u:~# cat /sys/class/leds/led2/trigger none ac-online usb-online rfkill0 mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 timer [heartbeat] backlight gpio default-on Disable heartbeat led: root@bananapim2u:~# echo "none" > /sys/class/leds/led2/trigger What I would like to do: - build my own kernel (but I don't know if I will manage and if I will have time due to limit christmas vacation) - buy another one - see if it will run 24/7 off topic: Some people do not like sinovoip, because bad support, no answers in the forum etc... Sinovoip has a working image somehow others do not have any... does anybody know Radxa? - sinovoip is great I am software developer for a hardware manufacturer and here software is not the core business, therefore it is hard to be a software developer in such a company... regards
  4. @Lex, Maybe silly questions... - Have you used Armbian build environment? - Which u-boot and kernel source? - Config from Sinovoip or other? ... Would be nice to get some more details about what you have done? Thanks! PS: I have received my board today...
  5. Hi, I just ordered one, and would be happy if there would be support of Armbian... please Thanks in advanced!
  6. Hi again, does anybody know why this happens? - at boot system cannot find file: sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dtb (this has happened for 3 times till now) - /etc/network/interfaces has been set to armbian default Thanks and regards. Holsteiner
  7. Hello, actually it was not the first time the upgrade failed on this board: - upgrade 5.11 to 5.15 -> returned successfull - reboot - at boot system can not find file: sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dtb (file sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2.dtb for BPi M2 is available) - fixed it by linking to the existing device tree blob sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2.dtb - reboot again - no network (my /etc/network/interfaces has been set to armbian default, same as /etc/network/interfaces.default, this happened the first time) fixed it again by setting the correct content I don't know if the upgrade process is the problem or if there is something messed up on my board... Now everything is working again... But I guess it will be the same next time... regards Holsteiner
  8. It Looks like the same I had at the beginning... In my case it was a power supply issue: - DO NOT power the M2 via micro USB, ONLY via barrel plug (4/1.7mm) - the power supply it self should also be a good and sufficient one hope that helps
  9. Thank you.... ok. I haven't tried host mode yet... I have no use case so far I build the latest by using your lib last night... I will try this image today... But maybe I have to wait for final release for productive use... I already tried rc5 and it was not stable...
  10. I have updated to the last release with kernel 4.3.3 which should have OTG enabled... Does the latest release support OTG, I have tried a usb stick with OTG cable, but I cannot see any device? What I am doing wrong? thanks and regards
  11. Hello community, Kernel 4.3.x should have support for DMA engine on A20 boards, see: http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Merged_into_4.3 Does / should this also improve the SATA write performance? After update to kernel 4.3.3 from apt.armbian.com I cannot see any big write Performance increase... thanks for comments... best regards and a happy new year... holsteiner
  12. I prefer Iceweasel also on RPi... I have tried X on BPi-M1 and BPi-M2 with kernel 4.3.3... M2 is playing YouTube Videos quiet good... but right now audio/sound is missing... Actually I have no Need to have These Little arm boards as deskop PC... just to see what is possible right now...
  13. apt.armbian.com is online... http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/ as well...
  14. now I know how to post as guest... actually I have planned my maintenance today too...
  15. I tried the following image wit kernel 3.3: BPI-M2_Raspbian_V4.0_hdmi I could only find: /sys/devices/platform/sun6i-i2c.1/i2c-1/1-0034/axp22-supplyer.19/power_supply/battery/temp This device is not of my interest... the SoC is hotter running this image (measured via touching), because X is running, but the board still runs stable... lets see... I will try a bigger heat sink or a fan... Actually this board is running as Domain Controller, most of the time it is relaxing...
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