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    Jack953 reacted to Alex_ro in Orange Pi 4 Kernel 5.x.x rt5651 sound and bluetooth fixed   
    i am install this patch,
    mic not work.
    on image  'OrangePi_4_ubuntu_bionic_desktop_linux4.4.179_v1.3.img' mic work
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    Jack953 got a reaction from FredrikA in Orange pi 4   
    Thank you, very usefull, I guess its safe to test, when doing nothing. But its a risk when both devices are on high load.
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    Jack953 reacted to FredrikA in Orange pi 4   
    You can measure the power consumption and see if you are at risk. I can try to see if I can find my clamp ampere meter, I got it around somewhere, maybe I can make some measurement.
    If you are at risk, the processor cores draws a lot more when at high frequency, maybe you could implement a more restrictive throttling.
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    Jack953 reacted to VyacheslavS in Orange pi 4   
    I measured the consumption of the OP4 board:
    1.Loading the operating system
    2.The system is loaded, there is no application load
    3. 7z benchmark. Maximum CPU load.
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    Jack953 reacted to piter75 in Orange pi 4   
    Well done!
    I have added your patches with minor tweaks to the Armbian build system - it will be available in the images from the download area... at some point ;-)
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    Jack953 reacted to iamdrq in Orange pi 4   
    sound fixed
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    Jack953 got a reaction from gounthar in Orange pi 4   
    All working now! it was a bad flashing. I flashed using dd rather than etcher. Also others that had problems used etcher... maybe that was the reason... I used a command like:
    dd if=os.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync @Belgrado@Pongotto @gounthar
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    Jack953 reacted to Igor in Rockchip news   
    I am (very) sceptical about when its about radio. Any kind. Perhaps its another marketing idea - if it runs on Linux = "opensource"?
    Patches are out there and I was already trying to bring this feature to the 5.4.y ... 
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    Jack953 reacted to piter75 in Orange pi 4   
    @_ppiotr3k Did you by any chance use the same SD card for Armbian that was used for Xunlong image before?
    If so, try wiping either all of the SD card (it will take a long time) or the last 33 sectors of it before writing Armbian's image there.
    This will clear the recovery GPT partition table from the end of SD card.
    This partition table makes Rockchip's loader trying to use GPT layout for booting - which we don't use. 
    root@xyz:~# fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk1 | head -1 Disk /dev/mmcblk1: 29.7 GiB, 31914983424 bytes, 62333952 sectors # 62333952 - 33 = 62333919 root@xyz:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 seek=62333919 I think a better solution is to switch u-boot's preloader to SPL/TPL from DDR/miniloader but I want to test how it behaves with Xunlong's original image in eMMC.
    The precompiled buster minimal image (kernel 5.4.16), which does not require above steps, is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ScMJN0VLIkuPjgnqhudK0egH42_cP1w3
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    Jack953 reacted to Igor in Orange pi 4   
    Yes, it works there  I thought it will be the other way around. 5.4.y looks stable to me ... but I do use a heatsink and a good power source. http://ix.io/28ro

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    Jack953 reacted to piter75 in Orange pi 4   
    I did only test HDMI output in current (5.4.14) and it worked there. I must get myself a desktop monitor to test GUI more often ;p
    I am glad it boots for you to the point where you can log in. At least now it is not only me who can boot it.
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    Jack953 reacted to Igor in Orange pi 4   
    It works to some degree ... screen is black, but you can boot from SD card ... by inserting it in. (self made image - will try from the download l8r)
    More: http://ix.io/28r8
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    Jack953 reacted to piter75 in Orange pi 4   
    @Jack953 try beta images for OrangePi 4 instead . They are available in the download area: https://dl.armbian.com/orangepi4/archive/. 
    I used buster for my preliminary support testing.
    Keep in mind that the board support is in beta or even alpha state right now.
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    Jack953 got a reaction from gounthar in Orange pi 4   
    Someone sayd that the armbian op-rk3399 kernel 4.4, works on op4. Havent tested but i can tell that op-rk3399 kernel 5.4 doesnt work.
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    Jack953 reacted to chwe in Orange pi 4   
    for those interested in a board bring up
    the kernel DT can be found here (it's the commit bringing the board up, so rk3399-orangepi.dts is the most important here):
    this is (likely) the used defconfig for u-boot:
    this might also be of interest for the first stage loaders:
    it seems xunlong did quite some cleaning of their sources to build proper images.
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    Jack953 reacted to sfx2000 in free software supported wifi card phone usable ESP8089 ESP8266 ESP32?   
    It's really hard to do in a power efficient manner - there are SDR's that can do all the right waveforms, the signalling, etc, but most of this is on an FPGA - the UMTS and LTE protocols are fairly complex, much more so that 802.11 wifi, and we know how hard that can be.
    It's also a massive minefield of patents, which makes GPL are very real challenge.
    Osmocom.org has made the most progress towards a free modem - https://osmocom.org/
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    Jack953 reacted to chwe in Orange pi 4   
    cause Rockchips BSP kernel is a 4.4. All our legacy images for rk3288, (3308), 3328 and 3399 boards are based on this kernel (or a fork of it).
    if this 'somehow' doesn't end here: https://github.com/armbian/build/pulls it's IMO not much of a difference to have "armbian" or the vendors provided image. It shouldn't be as hard to get it there (at least as csc supported device). The wifi module is the same as for the RockPi (next to USB3 yay) and it's also LPDDR4 (also RockPi 4b). As a first try I would just (try to) boot an Armbian image for the RockPi (this may also answer your questions for a "generic image", I assume you look for a starting point to get your new toy working). Then create a new boardconfig patch in the (hopefully) proper DT information you get somewhere from the BSP package of this board and pray it compiles without issues (even sound should be here: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/5c9a7ee7fb9c0d89c923b5690383f6d5006efed4/config/kernel/linux-rockchip64-legacy.config#L4303 at least for the 4.4 kernel). Send this back to Armbian and you'll likely end with (at least) csc support for this board. Except the NPU there's not much 'special' on this board so I don't see a reason why support for it shouldn't be straight forward (except the DTS file is such a mess that it doesn't work properly).
    IMO the most interesting parts for this board are:
    camera & 10.1 inch display (both MIPI 4 lane) so that someone finally could work on camera and display support for those boards (I hope/think that they are pincompatible to all RK3399 camera/display outs with 4 lane mipi, e.g. nanopi and ROCKPro64). Actually a part of all RK3399 boards where nobody cared about it until yet.
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    Jack953 reacted to renky in free software supported wifi card phone usable ESP8089 ESP8266 ESP32?   
    Free software is software you may use, share, modify and redistribute.
    Replicant has decided to investigate if they can port a replicant version to the phone. Replicant has said, they know
    of no phone better about free software. All modems on the market require non free software. Same about
    the modem in the pinephone.
    A downside of the pinephone is the wifi card, 8723cs, because it requires non free firmware software. On
    pinephone's irc I was told, they went for the 8723cs because pinephone could find no viable free software supported sdio wifi
    Is it the case, there is no free software supported sdio wifi card for sale?
    On pinephone's irc the ESP8089, ESP8266, ESP32 chips were mentioned. Are they computers like
    the ardinos? If they are, I expect they are not usable in a phone, because of power consumption.
    The chips were mentioned because it should not be inherently impossible to write free
    software drivers and firmware for them. Do you know about forums for such matters? Thanks.
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    Jack953 reacted to gounthar in Orange pi 4   
    Keep us posted, I restricted myself not to buy it.
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    Jack953 got a reaction from gounthar in Orange pi 4   
    Guys I just buyed the opi 4 !
    When I get the board (21 days), ill try to install armbian somehow !
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    Jack953 reacted to gounthar in Orange pi 4   
    OrangePi said it would be a 64bits distro on a 4.4.179 kernel.
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    Jack953 reacted to Igor in Kernel 5.2 new boards - Orangepi   
    Some short summary
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    Jack953 reacted to jernej in Kernel 5.2 new boards - Orangepi   
    Mali is only 3D accelerator, so I'm not sure what you mean exactly by that. If you mean HDMI output, that's entirely different thing, but it works. However, without any kind of acceleration.
    Mali T720 is not supported at all at this moment, however it will be soon.
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    Jack953 reacted to Nora Lee in Banana Pi M4   
    Banana Pi BPI-M4 use Realtek RTD1395 chp design ,it is a 64-bit quad-core A53 mini single board computer. It features 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB eMMC. It also has onboard WiFi for b/g/n/ac and BT 4.2. On the ports side, the BPI-M4 has 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB TYPE C port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio jack. support M.2 Key E PCIE 2.0 interface.
    The RTD1395 is equipped with a high-performance quad-core CPU,ARM cortex-A53,with 512K L2 cache embedded. the RTD1395 also integrates and efficient ARM Mali-470 Graphic Processing Unit(GPU) to accelerate 2D and 3D graphics processing. For acceleration of this OSD and 2K user interface,the built-in Streaming Engine of the RTD1395 provides commonly used drawing functions.the CPU is dedicated to applications ,while most of the functions of the RTD1395 is dedicated to manipulating,decoding video streams in vaious formats.e.g. decoding 4K2K H.265,Full HD MPEG1/2/4/H.264/H.264 MVC,AVC/VC-1,VP8,VP9,AVS,AVS plus,HD JPEG,etc. Video DSP can also handle encoding of up to Full HD with H.264 format.Video decoding and encoding can run simultaneously.
    Key Features
    Realtek RTD1395 ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 64 Bit
    Mali 470 MP4 GPU OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 H.264 H.265,2K4K
    Onboard1 GB DDR4 (option 2 GB)
    8G eMMC flash (max 64 GB)
    10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet and RTL8821 module support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/AC + Bluetooth 4.2
    USB 2.0 TYPE C
    M.2 Key E slot PCIE 2.0 and USB 2.0
    PoE function support

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    Jack953 reacted to sfx2000 in Orange Pi 4G-IOT   
    Not ready to say, as it fills a gap that is currently missing...