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    AxelFoley got a reaction from NicoD in sick and tired of my Armbian desktop locking and crashing   
    I think I have found the issue !!!!!!!
    Its the PCIe Express NVMe Card.
    I remove it and the desktop seems not to hang .... I add it back in .... and the desktop hangs.
    I wonder if this has something to do with power spikes when there is graphics activity the errors in the dmesg indicate that
    vpcie1v8 = 5.1v rail   Shared with GPU
    vpcie0v9 = 3v Rail 
    Both of these rails hang off the same core buck converter SY8113B, the other SY8113B manages the USB peripherals seperatly.
    @AndrewDB    .... looks like you may be correct it was power all along  but it looks like its a kernel issue with the PCIe Power Management ?