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    AxelFoley got a reaction from Igor in Has Armbian decided to not support eMMC any more for the RockPro64 ?   
    @Igor Understood .... Subscription taken out and Serial cable orders so I can track the boot sequence tomorrow ..... 
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    AxelFoley got a reaction from lanefu in Has Armbian decided to not support eMMC any more for the RockPro64 ?   
    Hi @Igor,
               I am happy to contribute to the project if it helps. 
    Do the maintainers need a Pine RockPro64 with 64Gb eMMC ?
    I can order a couple more at the end of the month and send one to the maintainers. just let me know with a DM.
    I'm also happy to test releases if people want me to, but I spend most of my free time on DE10 Nano and the Pine RocPro64 Pico Clusters I run are mainly to test orchestration toolsets like Ansible and SaltStack and Distributed DB's like Cassandra.
    I have a VMWare Server to run RHEL Container platforms like Openshift to test things like Service Discovery Consul and Monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana for proprietary apps. 
    That's my background I'm no bootstrap expert (after UEFI I gave up interest in the subject), but I can pick stuff up
    I don't check this forum often so somebody would have to reach out to me to be part of a QA Process for that board.  
    I seem to spend weeks when I am doing a cluster rebuild just testing and trying to find a stable image that is;
    1). Debian based distro
    2). 64bit (arm64)
    3). That boots to eMMC.
    4). That has a Desktop build for the control plane node that supports attached Nvme Storage
    5). That has a CLI build for the worker nodes.
    Its seems to be a constant problem with these Pine RockPro64 boards.
    They are hardly an AliExpress Clone outfit ... Pine are quite well established 🙂 www.pine64.org
    Let me know how you feel I can contribute 
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    AxelFoley got a reaction from NicoD in sick and tired of my Armbian desktop locking and crashing   
    I think I have found the issue !!!!!!!
    Its the PCIe Express NVMe Card.
    I remove it and the desktop seems not to hang .... I add it back in .... and the desktop hangs.
    I wonder if this has something to do with power spikes when there is graphics activity the errors in the dmesg indicate that
    vpcie1v8 = 5.1v rail   Shared with GPU
    vpcie0v9 = 3v Rail 
    Both of these rails hang off the same core buck converter SY8113B, the other SY8113B manages the USB peripherals seperatly.
    @AndrewDB    .... looks like you may be correct it was power all along  but it looks like its a kernel issue with the PCIe Power Management ?

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