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  1. I tried with 5.8.16 (current custom u-boot and custom dtb) and was not successful either. Going back to legacy (5.4.xx) would have required a legacy u-boot compiled and I refrained from doing that. If anyone else is lucky with a current kernel, pkease let me know...
  2. The thread mentioned seems to be related to DRM. In the past it was much "simpler" to get the basic display to run (yet cumbersome enough) - only some dtb entries and the basic u-boot stuff, compile and dpkg. I do have a custom u-boot ready built and will try with the new DTB Editor and check if I can get it to work with an older kernel first. According to the above it should have worked with 5.4.6 ?! I suspect the LCD difficulties to be related to the HDMI troubles that have been reported as well here. I think I briefly saw that HDMI stopped working when kernel stepped in when I connected my
  3. Great! Is this fix part of the 20.11.7 builds and current armbian repositories kernel / dtb packages? I bought an SD Card to test which should arrive tomorrow and want to know if I need to compile my own kernel package or if it is supposed work "out of the box" with current repositories... Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am not familiar with github and build cycles and stuff - also happy to learn how I could determine this by myself... Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I had the same effect - eth0 only worked by forcing the switch to 100FD after upgrading to 5.10.4 from 5.9.14. If I leave it on automatic, the port negotiates at 1000FD but loses most packets. No connection possible with a TP Link Switch. It seemed to be a little more stable connecting to a Fritzbox - I could login using ssh after connecting the Pi to that. After forcing the Fritzbox to 100FD I could login using SSH and downgrade to 5.9.14 (which I had before). 5.9.14 confirmed to be stable for ETH0. For HDMI I don't know. Hope that helps. KR Thors
  5. I had it previously working with stretch (see ) but no luck yet with buster. Exactly the same result as you - backlight OK but no display on screen with 5" display. Maybe boot.cmd or armbianEnv.txt need some tweaks? To be honest, I have no clue...
  6. The driver you quoted is for legacy kernel. LCD enabling is much simpler with legacy. Mainline needs the steps mentioned in the tutorial. Hope that helps!
  7. <OT> First post - so hi everyone and thanks for the great stuff here. I am new to Armbian, just installed yesterday (replace bananian), migrated everything, fine. </OT> It took me several hours to get my 5" LCD display working on Bananapro but it's working now :-) . All the stuff to do it is there, however it wasn't easy for me as a noob to get the relevant items out and to adopt to changes that occurred over time. So, by summarizing the different steps I'd like to give back - maybe it's useful. If I did not understand correctly, just drop me a note.