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  2. only added the second last printf, and of course the variable initialisation
  3. did read (most of) this thread, Thanks. I just started using Armbian so everything is new.
  4. I found the CAN device driver sources in sun7i_can.c - CAN bus controller driver for sun7i to configure the gpio pins for the special case of acting as TX and RX for CAN, the following function calls are used: sw_gpio_setcfg(GPIOA(16), 3); I try to use this code to implement the can4linux module an a BananaPi M2-Berry using Armbian stretch but are not able to find any prototype of such a function sw_gpio_setcfg(); nor the definitions of the gpio ports like GPIOA. What ist the correct way of accessing the gpio ports from within the kernel? Thanks for helping.
  5. The headline still shows "Armbian 5.75 stable"