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  1. Currently I have almost finished a CNC machine I'm building for my 10yo daughter. I did all of the cad work. And milled out the parts on my cnc machine. I will be publishing my entire archive of NC files and CAD drawings etc.... to instructables or one of the other maker sites when I finish building my daughters machine. An other side/sad note. I am no longer going to use the tinkerboard for the original project I was going to use it for. So the project is kind of back burner-ed but the flame is NOT out. I just HAVE to have a working system for the cnc machine project I'm building for work an
  2. I have not done much with the project as of late, current status I have LCNC working on the thinkerboard but no GPIO hal driver. I have not setup a mesa controller because I dont have one and dont want to spend the money on one. I also have a ton of other stuff going on. the tinkerboard as is will work with MESA drivers using the Ethernet interface. or an SPI interface... What I'm lacking and lack the skills to do is write a lower Tear level code for a HAL driver to drive the GPIO pins directly. If anyone knows of people who may find this project interesting or be able to help PLEASE fwd them.
  3. Been a while. I have not touched this project but I'll be getting back into it soon. I just got my small home cnc machine up and running. Now I'll be able to start diverting time back to this project and the big cnc machine that the company that is supposed to be making the parts for for me has still been delaying me on.
  4. Hi... all you have to do is install the DEB packages.. that I built if you want the RT.... they are already built. OR you can build them your self. if you want to build them your self just follow the guides and use my RT patches. unless there is a newer version out and you'll need to find newer patches. unless your going to run 4.19. unless you need something special there is not much point to compile it your self when the DEB packages are already built and posted. install. reboot. enjoy. This will give you everything you need to know for building for tinkerboard and other boards. https://docs
  5. no no.... not easy anything but easy I agree it should be released with the drivers and codecs installed. no point to have to ADD it when, and I'm going to go out on a lim here MOST PEOPLE will need some if not all of those packages.
  6. Is that your build? if so looks very interesting. I would suggest a dust skirt under the router motor and a vacuum. Though I do see that video is from 5 years ago. What aspect are you interested in this ongoing project? What are you looking forward to when a working release is made public? and do you have any plans?
  7. Getting closer to a working linuxcnc on armbian using the tinkerboard. I'll release the alpha when the bugs are worked out. I am interested in how many people are interested in this project??
  8. Helping files for building the GPIO HAL otions and gpio SPI hal_gpio.c
  9. So at this point its confirmed that the tinkerboard is as I expected a good candidate for running linux cnc. looking for anyone that can help get the GPIO HAL working AND the hal drivers for ethernet and spi mesa like boards for linuxcnc.
  10. linuxcnc_test shows an acceptable level of jitter for software stepping.
  11. I'm only just getting started with this project. So far I have gotten a lot of help from some great people and looking to get further along with this project as time goes on. My main goal is to turn the tinkerboard into a linuxcnc control system with a drop in SDcard/EMMC image(s). The images will be preloaded with everything needed to setup a cnc machine for different control systems such as GPIO, ETHERNET, SPI depending on one's choice or needs for control. The gpio will provide direct step/dir, end stops, router power control signals, etc.... the normal cnc machine control logic one would
  12. OMG I cant believe I didnt post this.
  13. Linuxcnc is working fine, the only tasks left, are getting the I/O setup in linuxcnc. I do not have a mesa board and I'm prefer to use the GPIO mainly. would love any help from anyone that can. The only other issue that needs to be worked out is the Native resolution of the lcd I'm using is not working in armbian, 1024x600. My finish goal is to PUBLISH a working SD/EMMC image to the world. so people with a tinkerboard have a DROP IN cnc controller just add the boot/distro image and setup your connections for your machine as needed.