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    spikerguy reacted to Igor in Khadas Vim4   
    Samples arrived ♥️ HW looks fascinating, Armbian is yet to be ported so can't comment how good this is in realworld. Its shipped with stock Khadas Ubuntu, kernel 5.4.y, which is good to boot something ...
    Technical specs at CNX.

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    spikerguy reacted to mboehmer in Odroid C2 on seafloor (part II)   
    Hi all,
    as a small status update on the seafloor business, here are some pictures of the new Odroid C2 based instruments which will be deployed in September/October in the northers Pacific.
    Ten modules with different functionality will be deployed, all based on a standard setup of Odroid C2, TRB3sc FPGA based TDC DAQ system, one PADIWA preamp, and a modded mdedia converter serving as a fully configurable mini switch.

    One of the modules carries several Hamamatsu mini spectrometers, as well as a camera, to observe bioluminescence.

    Another module is targeting at muon tracking with SiPM based readout:

    I have some more picture of the more "fancy" PMT based modules, but don't want to flood this forum now with too many pictures.
    To all of you: thanks for the support you gave us over the last year, and the discussions on specific topics!
    Deployment pictures will follow once the modules are in place on the seafloor, 2600m deep in the Pacific (and operational, hopefully, this time we just have a GbE fiber, no serial port...)
    See you, Michael
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    spikerguy reacted to martinayotte in NanoPi neo+ 2 (neo plus 2)   
    If you look at Armbian build scripts, since NanoPiNeoPlus2 is an Allwinner H5 SoC, it is usual megous's github here :
    Current : https://github.com/megous/linux/tree/orange-pi-5.4
    Dev : https://github.com/megous/linux/tree/orange-pi-5.6
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    spikerguy reacted to Igor in NanoPi neo+ 2 (neo plus 2)   
    Click FAQ on that same page. Its well explained. 
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