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  1. Hi! You can share your version of the driver for mcp2515?
  2. The mcp2515 driver managed to be started only under mainline kernel.
  3. I will make a cable and will connect to serial console. After that lay out results.
  4. I have rtd2660h HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL controller (it is also known as VS-TY2662-V1) OrangePI is connected through to a controller on HDMI
  5. My board is OrangePI PC. I use Armbian5.27_Ubuntu_xenial_desktop (kernel 4.10.1-sun8i). My display is "Innolux AT070TN90": 7", HDMI. I can't expose resolution 800x480. Prompt how to change resolution?
  6. Thanks. Overlay works!!! Has loaded can and can-dev modules: There was a can0 interface:
  7. Hi! I am ready to test MCP2515 with 8 MHz oscillator. I wait for an example of your overlay. My board OrangePI PC
  8. How to connect the mcp251x driver on the OrangePI PC? I make new kernel (Debian 8.7 (jessie)) with can-bus modules and mcp251x module. Has connected MCP2515 according to the following scheme. GND (PIN30 OPI) ---> GND MCP2515 VCC+5V (PIN2 OPI ---> VCC MCP2515 PC00 (PIN19 OPI) ---> SI MCP2515 PC01 (PIN21 OPI) ---> SO MCP2515 PC02 (PIN23 OPI) ---> SCK MCP2515 CE00 (PIN24 OPI) ---> CS MCP2515 PA20 (PIN37 OPI) ---> INT MCP2515 All modules are loaded, but the can0 device doesn't appear. modprobe can modprobe can-dev modprobe can-bcm modprobe can-gw modbrobe mcp251x
  9. My problem with camera is solved. See https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/3613-armbian-525-on-orangepi-pc-the-gc2035-video-camera-doesnt-work/
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