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  1. AZ8, you need 5.88.190601 or earlier. All later gives stability problem.
  2. Here, bionic kernel 5.1.5:
  3. George, 5.1.5 is working for me. Next, use apt hold for DBT package: apt-mark hold linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 and do full apt update/upgrade
  4. My OPi3, red USB LED is lightning only:
  5. krachlatte, good point. New kernels (5.1.6, 5.1.7) are good, problem is with new (>5.1.5) DBT files. So, I hold linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 package on 5.1.5.
  6. Igor, I want help with testing correct values of voltage. Give me more info, please. Is there way to change these values online (in /proc or /sys keys)? Is there more info about voltage than And what purpose is with changing (lowering?) these values?
  7. In your uart log state, that uboot is started. I bet, there is problem with boot.scr (compiled boot.cmd file), which uboot will read and run. This file is script what to do for uboot (i.e. read kernel to memory, run)
  8. @martinayotte There are 3 LEDs, according to my OPi3 Specification: Pi 3/ "LED: Power LED, Status LED and USB3.0 LED" In /sys tree there are two controls only (for red power and green status) I have turn off red power (dont like this intensive color in dark) and green set as USB activity signaling. But can't turn off red USB LED.
  9. Hello, OPi3 has a red LED (which lights up when USB device is connected). Is there a way to control it or simly turn off?
  10. Allwinner H6 Orange Pi 3 kernel 5.88.190609 (5.1.7). Booting OK, but there is stability problem: 4 crashes in 2 hours after change to new kernel.
  11. Ubuntu Bionic, crash on linux-image-dev-sunxi64 5.88.190602, 5.88.190603 and 5.88.190604 (all kernel 5.1.6?) Last worked was 5.88.190601 (kernel 5.1.5) Debug log before crashing (full log in attachment): [ OK ] Reached target Network (Pre). Starting pNFS block layout mapping daemon... Starting Create Static Device Nodes in /dev... Starting Apply Kernel Variables... Mounting Kernel Configuration File System... [ OK ] Started pNFS block layout mapping daemon. [ OK ] Started Create Static Device Nodes in /dev. [ OK ] Started udev Coldplug all Devices. [ OK ] Started Apply Kernel Variables. [ OK ] Mounted Kernel Configuration File System. Starting udev Kernel Device Manager... [ OK ] Started Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors,�…sing dmeventd or progress pollin . [ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems (Pre). [ OK ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager. [ 10.523607] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ffff00c arm.log
  12. Ubuntu Bionic, latest kernels (5.1.6 and 5.1.7) from dev packages 190602+ not boot. Boot stopped after "[ OK ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager." silently or shows "Unable to handle kernel paging request ..." I went back to 190601 (latest 5.1.5).