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  1. A 32 bit image would be suitable for la frite. Well, that's how the sever minimal option remains. But what of this server - none ... Rather, I will wait for 32 bit raspbian from lover pi but I do not expect miracles.
  2. hi Quite similar situation occurs with the banana M2 A64 Allwinner. I have one of the beginning of production and the second of this year. On the first boot, everything about Armbian. On the second only to the kernel 4.14. Above 4.14 you have to use the image with pine64 +. I will not give you memory numbers because I have already covered with heat sinks.
  3. I am sorry I have already blurred these numbers on the bottom, 46E and I still do not know
  4. yes works thanks a lot i have edited this.: it depends from memory number my is .; SEC710 K4B4G16 - the last edition - i bought that on june 2019
  5. OK finally i have prepared mini how to .: 1. Burn Armbian image > 5.90 into micro sd-card 2. Download and install HEX editor into your windows machine 3. Run Hex as admin 4. Open in HEX your sd-card device ( phisical disk not logical ) 5. Set up program in make of copy disk before write 6. Change offset example to 9 numbers 7. Find and change the memory value for offset 000000260 and write 01DE1010 It Should be 000000260 01 C8 0C 10 01 66 08 50 01 DE 10 10 04 01 66 66 6. Save 7. Its done 8 Boot Nanopi T3 PLUS from micro sdcard
  6. hi Are you sure that it has to be 01DE1010? When i open sdcard as the local drive it has 9 numbers not 8 ( offset ) When i open img file it has 8 numbers and i have 01DE1010 but that is empty space I use HxD
  7. ok i have installed okteta. But which file have I to edit on sd-card?
  8. sory im not developer. I dont know about you speak
  9. Can anybody explaned me in which file on sd-card i should put 0x00000268 (01DE1010)? Thanks
  10. it also can be changed in img on SDcard (may be faster way) 0x00000268 (01DE1010) I still dont understand... Where in img? Path to the file?
  11. Can you write where i should make a change? what does mean in bl1
  12. nothing is working.. i have tried The last Ubuntu 5.90 and Buster 5.91. Still segmentation fault. In fact kernel is the same...
  13. which does kernel version work? or which armbian image do you use?
  14. Hello Is it possible to upgrade by changing debian repositories as for x86_64? Or do you need to flash a new image on micro-sd?