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  1. OK I understand. Armbian from pine64 the first version, kernel 4.19. works. Never mind.
  2. of course images banana debian and ubuntu are very poor support, old and not stable working
  3. yes I asked because the images of bananapi have a kernel of either 3.10 or 4.4. 4.13 is still working well ( openSuse) . So I am looking for the possibility of building an Armbian image on some kernel less than 4.19 or 4.18. Is it possible to build an image of an armbane on a kernel less than 4.19.x?
  4. hi. I have both A64 version. I know that R18 exist. I have build dev 5.1.6 armbian 5.88 Bionic and also has kernel panic on 2019 revision. Can i build bionic on 4.4 kernel? 4.19 is mailaine ( next ) and 5.1.x is dev. How to switch to kernel 4.4. ?
  5. Hi I discovered that there are two versions of M64 bananapi. The first version on which all the kernel numbers go. The second version, which is not the kernel 4.19.x - kernel panic. The system will not run. I can not give you memory numbers because I covered it with sticking the heat sink. The first version is a model bought in 2016. The second version is the this year's model. The situation is similar to that of Nano pi T3 +
  6. ok. Thank you very much for your job. What about this problem Nano T3+:. Devices, which memory number begins with SEC710 K4B4G16 images does not work.
  7. I have build img for nano pi t3+ 5.85 armbian kernel 4.14.113 and it does not work either. I have the same memory number SEC 710. Only img from t3 without "+" is working but only with 1GB ram. I can take care about Pine64 first realese Bananapi M2U / Berry Firefly RK3399 and Nanopi T3 plus I have these boards. Conclusion for Nano Pi T3 + with memory number begin SEC710 K4B4G16 is that.... no images from dl.armbian work. If you try to build image with kernel 4.14 it also wont work. Issue kernel panic segmentation fault and more stupid things on your monitor.
  8. hi Is there a way or a chance to enable 2GB RAM in Nano pi T3+? I mean build img myself. Thanks for reply in advance.
  9. Please add something that the images for t3 + do not work or that the board is not supported or has no support. I wasted some time playing around with the broken images. It was only after a while that I looked at the forum ... I even built an image 4.14.113 armbian 5.85 .... all for nothing ...
  10. Information for this person who builds nightly dev images. These images for orange one plus only work for the first reboot. After him, eth0 is not available. And you have to go through gymnastics when you restore them. It makes no sense to put them on the server at this initial stage. Desktop on 1GB RAM is pointless. For a version with 1GB of ram, can not you build a 32 bit image? best regards
  11. I have not received yet the board but i'm prepared for 1.8 GHZ.
  12. I have installed Orangepi RK3399 Armbian 5.75 Bionic kernel 4.4.174 on Videostrong Mecoool RK3399. ( on eMMC ) I had to do only one thing. Disable DSI-1 monitor, because system regognized HDMI -1 and DSI-1. xrandr --output DSI-1 --off. ( via armbian-config boot environments setup ) Hardinfo recognized Excavator Single Board Computer. Meccool works pretty well.
  13. hi Does build / config / boards / pineh64.wip support pineH64 rev B? Will the system image work on model B?
  14. 1.8 GHZ works with Orange PI image Xenial Desktop - kernel 3.10. These two fans are enough... Iam enable watch youtube 360pp.
  15. Not boot at all on orangepi 3. I thought maybe i can login on putty but not.....