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  1. Hello I think there is strange behawior in N2 board. In default cpu frequency script settings.: setenv max_freq_a73 "1800" htop and xfce4-cpu-monitor show 1900MHZ for A73 When i changed it to setenv max_freq_a73 "1908" there is 1800MHZ in htop and xfce-cpu-monitor. I have also N2+ board and there is everything ok
  2. The N2 plus set to 2.4GHZ + 2.0GHZ works like a storm on the manufacturer's ubuntu firmware. I did not even try Armbian because there was no image that would support such frequencies. But it would be nice to support N2 +. I ordered fan. It works when you rich 65 degrees C
  3. Have it installed. Help almost nothing
  4. Hi The problem with NXP I.Mx 8M cpu is lack of XORG 3D GPU support. Driver does not work. only 2D driver works. You can run XFCE and MATE destop without play video. ( video very often hangs system ) . Wayland 3D driver works with weston pulpit. But weston is on early stage of build. In fact, there is no multitasking. Works similar to AndroidTV or something like that.
  5. pine 64so Pine64, bananapi M64 images 19.11.3, GUI XFCE 4.12 dont not run after upgrade images 20.02 GUI does not work from begining after installed. Never mind i build 19.11.5 kernel 5.4.18 and works
  6. Hi Embest provides support for maaxboard. You can downlaod image from their dropbox public site Weston wayland with 3d gpu driver and Xorg only 2D support ( MATE XFCE4 ). I think the worse problem is lack of 3D driver to Xorg for NXP i.MX 8M Vivante GPU. Best regards
  7. I would like to inform. There is debian 10 Weston 5.0 image avalaible to download on embest dropbox public site. Xorg can be installed and Xwayland but 3d driver is disabled. Wayland works with Weston and gdm3 display manager. If you prefer Xorg you can install xfce4 or mate desktop and lightdm display. If lightdm does not work properly please run startx service from terminal. Best regards
  8. Hi I see that you have added Orange pi 4 SBC. You can also add this device as suitable for testing .: I have successfuly flashed on eMMC this SBC img from orange pi RK3399 first realese. Linux orangepi 4.4.174-rk3399 #31 SMP Sun Feb 10 00:37:23 CET 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux Works perfactly ( as suitable for testing ) as on the Orange PI RK3399. I think Orange pi RK3399 may be is produced by Mecool.... Mecool has production line ( ODM OEM and as Mecool ) xuloung not.
  9. thanks I gave it only for information. Embest company has announced that they will do a Debian port. I built the minimal-core yocto image myself. It lasts on a dual-core cpu haswell. Building an image from Gui is necessary to compile 2000 packages in yocto. I just gave the embest that there is something like armbian. They didn't know that such a thing existed. That's all. I didn't mean to do something for them for free. They should apply themselves if they want to. Support is expensive, i know.
  10. Yes i know. But maaxboard cost 79 dollars. Solid runs sbc extremly cost high
  11. Hello. Information to Igor. I sent information about armbian to Embest (maaxboard manufacturer). They told me it was very interesting. I don't know if they will apply, it may be so. I have sent similar information to iWave (india) and Phytec (germany) which has also released sbc on NXP. SBC producers based on NXP cpu are based only on Yocto. And this is not easy and time consuming. I just inform you that if someone came to know where it came from. I did not suggest but you could do them for a fee, not free.
  12. Is there anyone from the armbian team interested in making img (I'd prefer ubuntu 18.04) to the maaxboard. I have such a board and I can borrow it for the time of testing the system. If so, please provide an address. Maaxboard 2GB RAM boot from sd-card, NXP i.MX 8M - Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.300MHZ ( it can run 1.5Ghz) I have added solid fan.
  13. Hi Can I setup A64 cpu frequency in bananapiM64 (images taken from pine64 classic ) at 1150MHZ? Now is 1010Mhz. Armbian 19.11.3 Pine64 Bionic current kernel 5.3.9. I have solid fan and this frequency is low.
  14. This does not work. I think you are right... Connection sometimes ends earlier. that maybe differenf issue. I have img build earlier myself with 5.05 kernel Armbian 5.77 - that works
  15. yes etho is disabled after reboot and even earlier before reboot when i tried do something what need internet - for example do command ping