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  1. Hello I searched the forum and there is a lot of sd card performance topics. Im using SanDisk microSDHC 16GB read 98mb/sek UHS I C10 which cost 7.43 USD. I have given up Samsung EVO cards. Sandisk is much better. I have found in promotion - costs only 4.12 USD, read 100MB/sek Toshiba M203 microSDHC 16GB UHS-I, clas 10. There is no information about I/O transfer. Which sd-micro card do you recommend ? I mean card costs max 10 USD or even cheaper.
  2. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    How fresh.? I have downloaded armbian 5.67 kernel 4.19 from download page dated 07.12.19 build. I blocked upgrade kernel, did upgrade and reboot ( still quick boot, install DE, reboot - still quick reboot. And then installed libreoffice firefox thunderbird xfce4-goodies, hardinfo synaptic, caja mate-system-monitor engrampa and reboot AND FINALLY BOOT TOOK 8 minutes I did it today 2 hours ego. I MEAN UBUNTU BIONIC IMAGE DEBIAN STRETCH WORKS !!
  3. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    I thinks its depend on software i have installed. Fresh armbian 5.67 bionic kernel 4.19 installation boot quickly. Then i installed a lot of software which i normally used to. And now system boots slowly. I have now no idea which program did it. hm... i have to check it
  4. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    "It would appear the "Linux hates HDMI--->DVI" situation is back. My typical testing monitor with DVI does not work at all and my proper hdmi one works perfectly." It is not HDMI-DVI connection fault. HDMI also but long time. Now iam trying new kernel 4.19. 4.14 boot long. maybe this help something
  5. constantius

    Ubuntu 18.04 10 years support

    ubuntu announced 10 years of support for version 18.04. This is due to the willingness to support devices and iot platforms. Is therefore armbian based on 18/04 will be supported for 10 years?
  6. I have done it. System works. I tested it. Thank you very much for your reply Condoscope. I can confirm that Armbian 5.65 Bionic Desktop work on EMMC Firefly-rk3399. Best regards
  7. constantius

    Rock64 no sound I have only one sound card. It works with other SBC i have. Rock64 Ubuntu bionic kernel 4.4 does not recognize it.
  8. constantius

    Rock64 no sound

    Your build Armbian 5.65 kernel 4.4 and my build 5.65 the same kernel - system has sound only via HDMI monitor. Is it possible to enabled audio via 3.5 jack or external USB sound card?
  9. I downloaded armbian 5.65 bionic default desktop kernel 4.4.162 image and burned it on sd-micro-card. I was looking for instruction how to boot from sd card on firefly www.pages. And also on firefly forum. There is no information how to boot from sdcard. During the boot i pressed pwr button and also combination of reset and recovery button but device not boot. Do you have any knowledge how boot system from micro-sd card? PS I have downloaded firefly image for booting from sd card . it works. Your image armbian 5.65 bionic does not boot at all. To boot from sd card you need press PWR Key button only. Did you checked your image that is bootable?
  10. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    I have build Armbian 5.65 Bionic Kernel 4.14 and it works till first reboot. After reboot black screen. Errata Desktop environment boot after 12-15 minutes
  11. constantius

    La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)

    La Frite will be avalaible on november 2018. Now you can back it on kickstarter web page. specs.; This is my proposal to support. Best regards
  12. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    yes i can confirm that Armbian 5.59 based on Debian Stretch kernel 4.14 is running well. on my la potato screen is black after reboot. System is booting but not to the desktop environment or even to the console. I installed lightdm but nothing help.
  13. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    Hi I have build Armbian Bionic 5.64 and 5.46 with XFCE desktop and system works only to the first reboot. After reboot i see only black screen. Kernels 4.18 and 4.16
  14. "Don't have this board. Untested." Are they images for EMMC or only micro-sd cards?
  15. constantius

    bananapi M2 ULTRA

    Hello On the bananapi forum I noticed Igor's post (2018/08/22) that is for download image for bananapi m2 ultra. Support is not provided. I have a question about the sound device. This one directly from the SOC R40 is not supported and no one is working on it as. I spied this in the matrix for allwinner. But I use an external sound card on usb It works with every kernel and single board. And here in the case of the 4.18 kernel and bananapi m2 ultra, there are problems with getting connected to the pulseaudio server; which does not work at all. Is there a chance that this will be corrected. Or rather, this version of armbian dev which has gone out no further development will not be anymore.