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  1. thanks I gave it only for information. Embest company has announced that they will do a Debian port. I built the minimal-core yocto image myself. It lasts on a dual-core cpu haswell. Building an image from Gui is necessary to compile 2000 packages in yocto. I just gave the embest that there is something like armbian. They didn't know that such a thing existed. That's all. I didn't mean to do something for them for free. They should apply themselves if they want to. Support is expensive, i know.
  2. Yes i know. But maaxboard cost 79 dollars. Solid runs sbc extremly cost high
  3. Hello. Information to Igor. I sent information about armbian to Embest (maaxboard manufacturer). They told me it was very interesting. I don't know if they will apply, it may be so. I have sent similar information to iWave (india) and Phytec (germany) which has also released sbc on NXP. SBC producers based on NXP cpu are based only on Yocto. And this is not easy and time consuming. I just inform you that if someone came to know where it came from. I did not suggest but you could do them for a fee, not free.
  4. Is there anyone from the armbian team interested in making img (I'd prefer ubuntu 18.04) to the maaxboard. I have such a board and I can borrow it for the time of testing the system. If so, please provide an address. Maaxboard 2GB RAM boot from sd-card, NXP i.MX 8M - Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.300MHZ ( it can run 1.5Ghz) I have added solid fan.
  5. Hi Can I setup A64 cpu frequency in bananapiM64 (images taken from pine64 classic ) at 1150MHZ? Now is 1010Mhz. Armbian 19.11.3 Pine64 Bionic current kernel 5.3.9. I have solid fan and this frequency is low.
  6. This does not work. I think you are right... Connection sometimes ends earlier. that maybe differenf issue. I have img build earlier myself with 5.05 kernel Armbian 5.77 - that works
  7. yes etho is disabled after reboot and even earlier before reboot when i tried do something what need internet - for example do command ping
  8. I have build myself Ubuntu 18.04 version for that board. Kernel 5.4.6. ( 19.11.5 ) But eth0 does not work. The same situation as But i have img with 5.77 Armbian ubuntu 18.04 kernel 5.0.5 and that is working. It is strange. Kernel 5.0.5 has no problem and 5.4.6 not. Settings static IP help nothing... eth0 is not recognize. By the way - Happy New Year 2020 to Armbian Team
  9. Will there be support for the RK3399PRO processor? e.g. for a Rocki pi N10 SBC?
  10. Ubuntu LTS 20.04 will probably have XFCE 4.14, which is based on GTK3. I have XFce 4.14 installed on an x86 Arch Linux machine. Unfortunately, the GUI is heavy. Requires memory resources and a good graphics card. I have a question. In connection with the upcoming 20.04 release, would it not be better to Armbian switch to LXQT as the basic GIU. It is lighter and faster. thanks
  11. For S905X3 Performance can be high. I have a ZTE smartphone on an Unisoc SC9863A chip octa core cortex-A55 1.6Ghz. The performance is amazing. I don't play games. The Amlogic S905X3 has four cores less. It depends if androidTV how it is optimized and whether it is loaded in 64 bit. And most often with companies like Vontar, Wechip Mecool it is poorly done or not at all, and is not Google certified. Beelink and Minix provide certification, support and upgrade ...
  12. Hi Which one you ordered? Vontar X96 Air , Wechip V9 or Beelink GT1 mini 2 ? Or somone else? Vontar is the cheapest. Maybe I could buy one too. The same. Then you could think of armbian on it and support for this model.
  13. Regarding exotic Bananapi M4 projects. Orangepi gets state subsidies but they only have to use soc from China. Only allwiner and rockchip come into play. Bananpi finances Foxconn. They got the condition to use soc Mediatek or Realtek because it is from Taiwan and not from China. Politics came into play here. Bananapi incurs large losses on its products. Bananapi M4 sold only 60 pieces on aliexpress. W2 is supposed to be a NAS server and has no PCI-e support. Utility sell without drivers. Complete flap. In addition, they incurred the costs of designing the bananapi F2 and S64 and did not put them on sale. Bananapi will be funded until Foxconn cancels them because of the costs involved, with no sales success. And the famous Cubietech basically went bankrupt.
  14. Recently, nothing is happening on the SBC market. Libre Computer seems to be in a bad financial condition after having failed with La frite and the kickstarter campaign. Projects on SBC on cpu amlogic S912 and S922 are dead and it is not known if they will see the light of day. Pine is busy with its smartphone and probably nothing new will not be released yet. Xunlong who lives not from sales but from subsidies from the Chinese government is also silent. Expected allwinner processors from the new A100, A200 series are just under design. Only khadas released VIM3L from the S905X3 cpu. They even have a linux image already on this board. It can be downloaded from the khadas website. How do you assess the market situation? Nobody has prepared sbc with Amlogic S905X2. Is there a lack of support for gpu Mali -G31? Do you know anything that someone would work on SBC with Amlogic S905X2 or S905X3 cpu?
  15. hm ok thanks a lot. my english is not good.... i misunderstand that statment from documentation