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  1. hi i would like to install vlc 2.2.7 or vlc 3 on armbian xenial 5.90 stable two month ago i used to do apt-get upgrade & apt-get update then vlc 2.2.7 can be installed no problem now even apt-get upgrade break the system and i get two instance of desktop now i only get vlc 2.2.2 wich have bugs is there a way to install vlc 2.2.7 at least ? orange pi one
  2. hi we are using legacy armbian xenial desktop wich work great with most rtl based dvb-t tuners we would like to add a new rtl2832 usb tuner with specific vendor id to be recognized : using x86 pc first we patched dvb-usb-ids.h with new vendor id then compiled and installed media_build ,result is success & dongle working well using orange pi one : building media_build give error . is there a way to patch the new vid thanks
  3. hi there my orange pi one is very slow (8 fps) at encoding my capture card stream to h264 using HW Cedrus264 but other 720p mkv files are converted fast using HW (50 fps) then i tried to save the stream first to sd card (720p Mjpeg format) then encode it using HW , but here i still have 8fps , and cpu usage is 40% even when i used SW libx264 to encode , i still get 8fps and cpu 40% wich is weird is it possible to get real time 720p encoding ? , my capture card only output mjpeg armbian xenial desktop
  4. hi, i have a c compiled app & i would like to encrypt it but using H3 implemented security to protect it is this even possible ?
  5. hi, the latest legacy kernel (3.4.113) work great when it comes to HW video decoding , but dvb (rtl2832u) crash and unusable for 4.19 it was complicated to install both mali driver and media_build is there a way to get both working beside OpenELEC ? , ubuntu or debian are ok for me thanks
  6. can we use this secure mode to run encrypted sd card ? or its only to be sure the os isn't changed by using trust chain thanks