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    ChrisO got a reaction from thanh_tan in Orange Pi R1 Plus (Orange Pi R1+) support?   
    This is the official Armbian image Armbian_20.11.10_Rockpi-e_buster_current_5.9.14.img from 
    armbianmonitor -u output is here
    So far it works OK. I didn't do any special tests. Just set-up a WiFI accesspoint with hostapd (on bridge eth2/wlan0) and udhcpd. iptables for masquerading and just now accessing internet from my phone using
    this AP.
    ifconfig shows three Ethernet interfaces. the two real ones are eth0 and eth2.
    Let me know if I could be of any help. Would be a pleasure for me to give a bit back to Armbian :-)
    Both, RockPi-E and OpiR1+ generate a Kernel panic at the end of "init 0"  harmless AFAICS. Output is attached.
    rockpi-e.oops r1plus.oops
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    ChrisO reacted to TRS-80 in Armbian loves Microsoft   
    Have they released Office/Windows under F/LOSS license?  Tells you everything you need to know.  Leopard don't change their spots, which is why I am not buying that they suddenly "got religion" about open source.
    Remember, they tried (very hard!) for decades to kill F/LOSS!  Referring to it as "cancer", etc.  Back then, the future was not certain, I can assure you!  By now, things look a lot better, it appears we won and they lost!  We are not only still here, but growing, which is why they had to switch tactic/marketing, or else become irrelevant.  But that is all it is, marketing (i.e., lies, as their actions prove otherwise, see first point).
    So let them die off already, IMO.  By virtue of their past actions, they no longer deserve to be a part of the collaborative future we are building together.  Make no mistake, they are still the enemy.  And the enemy deserves neither aid nor comfort from us.
    If you are going to disregard all the above and put it in anyway, then yes, Vscodium would be a more palatable alternative (removing the spyware).  But still misses the (IMO) more important political point.  Not to mention the fact that such a fork is necessary only serves to reinforce my earlier points that M$ still does not really "get it."  Even when trying to do "open source" they still cannot help themselves but put spyware into it, have a EULA, and all the other nonsense we have always expected from them.