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  1. I have successfully make the zero play with the extension via 3.5 audio jack 1. open armbian-config and check into the analogue 2. reboot and check aplay -l shows, it shoud be aplay -l shows **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: Codec [H3 Audio Codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 3. create file .asoundrc in home directory put this in pcm.!default{ type hw card 0 } ctl.!default{ type hw card 0 } 4. type alsamixer and make sure that the M and O like this 5. speaker-test -twav -c2 -Dhw:0 and the sound plays Front Left Front Right
  2. Hello, I just use the Zero Plus 2 H3 with extension, using Armbian 5.83 but failed to get the combo to play the sound I use the command aplay -l but return no sound card found How to install driver for sound in this board?
  3. Hi @balbes150 I use the X96 Mini with S905W, i tried all the fw in this list but no fw can activate the wifi Can you help?
  4. Hi, I tried to run "modprobe dhd" or " modprobe wifi_dummy" but not work Where i can download the WIFI module?
  5. Hello, I use OPi Plus 2e., have installed RetroOrangepi on eMMC then the ROMs on sdcard. Now i want the system while boot on eMMC to check the sdcard, if the sdcard is present then mount it on the directory /home/pi/RetroPie I have used fstab but failed cause the Pi unable to boot Now i want a safer method, can i use bash on boot?
  6. I have install ISPCOnfig and PHPMyadmin on Armbian but it doesn't work, i can access even on HTTP Now i want to remove it, how to remove it? I tried to go into Armbian-config, uncheck ISPConfig then OK but nothing happends
  7. Hi, I have managed to flash the Armbian on SD card and boot it successfully with old way (stick on AV hole) However, I failed to activate the multi boot, every time i sttart BAckup on Adroid it appear libreoffice zip file, not the ( Moreover, the Ubuntu recognize my Android box only 1GB RAM instead of 2GB of mine
  8. I am stucked in the dmesg output [ 9.887800] [OV5640@lex]init_sensor - frame_rate: 0, max_win_size: 11 [ 9.902103] [OV5640@lex]CSI_SUBDEV_PWR_ON! [ 9.970081] [OV5640@lex]sensor_init 0x0 [ 9.970886] [OV5640@lex]sensor read retry=2 [ 9.970896] [OV5640@lex]error at sensor_detect [ 9.970904] [OV5640@lex]chip found is not an target chip. [ 9.970914] [OV5640@lex]CSI_SUBDEV_PWR_OFF!
  9. I tried to install ov5640 on orange pi one, after running sudo modprobe ov5640 frame_rate=2 sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2 then install the i throw this error
  10. Hi Chen, Can you post your tutorial to use both OV5640 and GC2035 on Orange Pi PC Plus?
  11. Yes i have load the overlay via /boot/armbianEnv.txt as below verbosity=1 console=serial overlay_prefix=sun8i-h3 rootdev=UUID=bd0ded76-1188-4b52-a20a-64f326c1f193 rootfstype=ext4 overlays=w1-gpio uart1 i2c0 spi-spidev param_w1_pin=PA20 param_w1_pin_int_pullup=1 param_uart1_rtscts=1 param_spidev_spi_bus=0 then i tried to run a program in Pythod test the oled but nothing happends
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  13. thanh_tan

    Orange Pi One Plus

    since opi one plus use 26 pins gpio, anyone know the map of gpio i need to use i2s sound card on it
  14. Already wiring as per this instruction in Chinese but nothing happend