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  1. Hi! Good news is that this patch for 5.15 is also working on 6.0.6 🙂
  2. Hi! @Igor, I will take some times to test it. for now, the patch in the mvebu-5.16 folder does'nt apply anymore on kernel 5.19, maybe because the modification applied on kernel 5.15 and upper. I don't have free time until around beginning of november. I will test it on vanilla kernels 5.16, 5.19 and 6.0 and give you feed-back.
  3. Hi @Heisath thank you for the patch! Will be also an upgrade for the 5.16 kernel? I use the 5.16 version on 5.19 kernel and the patch fails starting from 5.19.14. Same with kernel 6.0
  4. Finally OK with vanilla 5.16 kernel. I have to edit the UDEV rule in order to alias fan1 and fan2 to fan-p6 and fan-p7, see the lines "fan1" and "fan2": # Helios64 persistent hwmon ACTION=="remove", GOTO="helios64_hwmon_end" # KERNELS=="p6-fan", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p6", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="p7-fan", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p7", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="2-004c", SUBSYSTEMS=="i2c", DRIVERS=="lm75", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="thermal_zone0", SUBSYSTEMS=="thermal", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="fan1", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p6", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="fan2", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p7", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" SUBSYSTEM!="hwmon|thermal", GOTO="helios64_hwmon_end" ENV{HWMON_PATH}="/sys%p" # ATTR{type}=="soc-thermal", ENV{HWMON_PATH}="/sys%p/temp", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input", RUN+="/usr/bin/mkdir /dev/thermal-cpu/" ATTR{name}=="cpu|cpu_thermal", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-cpu" # ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}=="1", ATTR{name}=="lm75", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-board" ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}=="1", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/fan-$env{_HELIOS64_FAN_}" # ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}=="1", RUN+="/bin/ln -sf $env{HWMON_PATH} $env{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}" LABEL="helios64_hwmon_end"
  5. oh, thanks! I will take a look on this release of Armbian :-)
  6. Hi! seems the udev rule needs to be rewritten too. I will look at that later... EDIT: @BipBip1981 do you really run kernel 5.15 or is your workaround for 5.10?
  7. Hi, I thought this forum did support on the Helios{4,64} regardless of the OS since Kobol is now closed. More, the issues I encounter testing the Armbian patches can be helpful for the future Armbian releases (I had the eMMC issues long time before many Armbian users were impacted with the Buster update). I did tried to apply the Armbian patches for kernel 5.15, but they fail because Helios4 and 64 are now mainlined. But not problem, I will try to fix it by myself, and report back the solution here. I have the skills to do it. BTW I have the same issue with vanilla kernel 5.15 and Helios4. I will test it first on the helios4 because it's not used anymore. Kind regards, Xavier Miller
  8. Hi! I am trying the vanilla 5.15 kernel which has support for helios64. The system is booting, disks, MMC and network are working. But fancontrol fails. It seems the /sys entries have changed and the udev rules are not working. I've tried to understand the wiki page in order to adapt the udev rules and fancontrol config file but I am a little bit lost. Is there updated versions of those config files? Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
  9. YEAH ! I can compile and boot linux-5.10.63, I only had to disable the rk3328 patches because some patches were rejected. I booted from sdcard, updated the /boot folder, then rebooted from eMMC and I can again run and write on the eMMC :-) EDIT: and upgraded to 5.10.64 this weekend without any issue
  10. Hi! If I remove the patches that don't compile and adapt the other ones, the resulting kernel is having issues with eMMC or unbootable kernel (u-boot does bootloops). I even tried some older versions that did work (i.e. recompile one of my ancient kernels with vanilla sources + gentoo patches + armbian patches) and it fails. But I didn't do it with method, I wanted to have a stable kernel to have back my "production" home server. The kernel I run is now " 5.10.34-gentoo #1 SMP Mon May 3 10:47:06 CEST 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux", the version I had in one backup. After May 3 2021 I had issues with u-boot (kernel did not boot) or not compiling patches. I can help you (armbian poeple) to point the problems. In fact, I would like to rebuild all the provides binaries (u-boot, kernel) myself in order to understand how they are working and configured.
  11. I am talking about patches provided by armbian. They still continue to support our Helios64 :-)
  12. Thank you, but I will wait until it is documented.
  13. ok, but is kernel 5.13 useable? what are the known issues? the features matrix is not updated accordingly on the wiki...
  14. Hi! In the Kobol wiki, there are 2 supported kernels : 4.4 and 5.10 In the armbian-build GIT repo, I see also patches for 5.13. What is the status of the 5.13 patches for the Helios64? Kind regards, Xavier Miller
  15. alchemist

    eMMC errors

    FYI, I am running a custom kernel based on chosen armbian patches. Seems I need to add some more... Re-patching and re-compiling until I get the kernel running (some arbmian patches don't compile on 5.10.55) EDIT: reverted to an older kernel (5.10.34) and eMMC is operational :-)
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