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  1. Mine is rock solid too, running nextcloud on nginx, nfs, samba, mysql. I have a custom system.
  2. yeah, but the feeling is less than 2 seconds. Can it because the flashing starts after the message (no lit, then lit)? Meanwhile, I have my custom kernel and OS (Gentoo Linux), they run fine :-)
  3. Hi!, I am playing around with customizing my boot script (to install later my custom distro), and I am fighting with the Recovery. I took a long time to understand I have to press the recovery button during a "long time", then release it very quickly to get the UMS mode and not falling into the Maskrom mode. Indeed, when U-Boot detects the recovery button keypress, it proposes UMS, then very shortly after the Maskrom mode. Is it possible to configure U-Boot to wait longer on the UMS mode, let's say 5 seconds, and after that delay switch to Maskrom mode as latest failover? For info: I have Armbian running on EMMC, and I play within the /boot folder, then roll-back my trials in Recovery/UMS mode. Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
  4. Hi, Do the SPI boot work? Can I install u-boot on SPI and then boot sda1 from SPI?
  5. Hi, I have some questions I don't find in the wiki yet 1. boot : what partitioning schema does support UBOOT: GPT or MBR? 2. Kernel: what patches are applied to vanilla kernel 5.8.13? I've already got : add-board-helios64.patch helios64-remove-pcie-ep-gpios.patch zzz-0005-remove-overclock-from-helios64.patch For now I'll using the binaries from the latestst image.
  6. Hi! @count-doku, I can compile myself, Gentoo is running on my helios4 I have patches to 5.3, will search the one for 5.4. EDIT: got it, compiling... running local | * Starting local ... local | [ ok ] . .vir. d$b .d$$$$$$b. .cd$$b. .d$$b. d$$$$$$$$$$$b .d$$b. .d$$b. $$$$( )$$$b d$$$()$$$. d$$$$$$$b Q$$$$$$$P$$$P.$$$$$$$b. .$$$$$$$b. Q$$$$$$$$$$B$$$$$$$$P" d$$$PQ$$$$b. $$$$. .$$$P' `$$$ .$$$P' `$$$ "$$$$$$$P Q$$$$$$$b d$$$P Q$$$$b $$$$b $$$$b..d$$$ $$$$b..d$$$ d$$$$$$P" "$$$$$$$$ Q$$$ Q$$$$ $$$$$ `Q$$$$$$$P `Q$$$$$$$P $$$$$$$P `""""" "" "" Q$$$P "Q$$$P" "Q$$$P" `Q$$P" """ This is *** (Linux armv7l 5.4.15-gentoo) 22:29:02 *** login: Kr, Xavier
  7. Hi! Is there a kernel patch for the dual PWM fan (mvebu.c) for kernel 5.5? Kind regards, Xavier.
  8. Hi! This patch works fine with linux 5.2.9 :-)
  9. Hi Thanks! I will take a try for this patch and tell you if it works for me. Really nice board, it's responsive and well documented
  10. Hi, An other question : I would like to run the latest vanilla kernel (5.2.*). Is there a patch for the dual fan ? The patch provided in the pwm section seems for kernel 4.x and is is rejected. Thanks! Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
  11. Hi! I will then boot from SPI NOR flash. The boot order is OK, I can then boot a "system rescue" from USB, or run armbian on sd as fall-back. I can run Gentoo with one binary linked on the wiki page you pointed out, empty environment, and a minimal boot.scr on SATA
  12. Hi, I am trying to compile and run U-BOOT on SATA1 but I don't succeed. What I can do is boot from flash memory using the armbian binary provided on the armbian sd card. And I cannot find the SATA installation documentation on the wiki, except the picture with the DIP switches (I used this from Solidrun, : dd if=u-boot-spl-sata.kwb of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=1 conv=sync, not working). And I cannot get a self-compiled working U-BOOT binary with helios4_defconfig So my questions is what options do I need to activate to have a self-compiled U-BOOT binary that can boot on SATA ? Is the dd command from Solidrun OK for the sata option ? (For now, I will boot from flash memory, running Gentoo Linux and concentrate later on U-Boot... I want to understand and master that part too) Kind regards, Xavier Miller