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  1. Hi, I am testing kernel 6.7 and I don't have crashes for now. It seems stable. Will confirm it after some weeks of operations.
  2. I still have NFS issues & kernel panics with the updated u-boot and patched kernel 6.6.8, I will investigate, this is probably not related to Helios64 and those patches (vanilla kernel do also have crashes with NFS). No issues with kernel 6.1.70
  3. Hi!, I finally reverted to 6.1.* kernel series because I have NFS hanging with kernel 6.5. This series is very stable.
  4. I don't use the 2.5Gbps interface, since I have old 100/1000 switches...
  5. the fix is also present in 6.5.8 🙂 DWC3 USB ports are back !
  6. Hi!, I tried kernel 6.5.2 vanilla make oldconfig, + enable JMicron PATA driver USB is working but I don't know if dwc3 is by chance reset or due to the fix... EDIT: dwc3 reset still doesn't work, waiting for the fix So yes, please freeze your kernels
  7. Hi, I also have dwc3 usb issues since kernel 6.4.12 (mainstream vanilla). It seems there is a regression. a patch is recently in discussion: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/ba6285cb-f9ff-8047-ad53-1f4534517b66@synopsys.com/T/ Kernel 6.5 doesnt boot, I will check if I enabled the PCI SATA bridge So, try to keep kernel <= 6.4.11
  8. Hi! Good news is that this patch for 5.15 is also working on 6.0.6 🙂
  9. Hi! @Igor, I will take some times to test it. for now, the patch in the mvebu-5.16 folder does'nt apply anymore on kernel 5.19, maybe because the modification applied on kernel 5.15 and upper. I don't have free time until around beginning of november. I will test it on vanilla kernels 5.16, 5.19 and 6.0 and give you feed-back.
  10. Hi @Heisath thank you for the patch! Will be also an upgrade for the 5.16 kernel? I use the 5.16 version on 5.19 kernel and the patch fails starting from 5.19.14. Same with kernel 6.0
  11. Finally OK with vanilla 5.16 kernel. I have to edit the UDEV rule in order to alias fan1 and fan2 to fan-p6 and fan-p7, see the lines "fan1" and "fan2": # Helios64 persistent hwmon ACTION=="remove", GOTO="helios64_hwmon_end" # KERNELS=="p6-fan", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p6", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="p7-fan", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p7", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="2-004c", SUBSYSTEMS=="i2c", DRIVERS=="lm75", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="thermal_zone0", SUBSYSTEMS=="thermal", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="fan1", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p6", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" KERNELS=="fan2", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS64_FAN_}="p7", ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1" SUBSYSTEM!="hwmon|thermal", GOTO="helios64_hwmon_end" ENV{HWMON_PATH}="/sys%p" # ATTR{type}=="soc-thermal", ENV{HWMON_PATH}="/sys%p/temp", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input", RUN+="/usr/bin/mkdir /dev/thermal-cpu/" ATTR{name}=="cpu|cpu_thermal", ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}="1", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-cpu" # ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}=="1", ATTR{name}=="lm75", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-board" ENV{_IS_HELIOS64_FAN_}=="1", ENV{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}="/dev/fan-$env{_HELIOS64_FAN_}" # ENV{IS_HELIOS64_HWMON}=="1", RUN+="/bin/ln -sf $env{HWMON_PATH} $env{HELIOS64_SYMLINK}" LABEL="helios64_hwmon_end"
  12. oh, thanks! I will take a look on this release of Armbian :-)
  13. Hi! seems the udev rule needs to be rewritten too. I will look at that later... EDIT: @BipBip1981 do you really run kernel 5.15 or is your workaround for 5.10?
  14. Hi, I thought this forum did support on the Helios{4,64} regardless of the OS since Kobol is now closed. More, the issues I encounter testing the Armbian patches can be helpful for the future Armbian releases (I had the eMMC issues long time before many Armbian users were impacted with the Buster update). I did tried to apply the Armbian patches for kernel 5.15, but they fail because Helios4 and 64 are now mainlined. But not problem, I will try to fix it by myself, and report back the solution here. I have the skills to do it. BTW I have the same issue with vanilla kernel 5.15 and Helios4. I will test it first on the helios4 because it's not used anymore. Kind regards, Xavier Miller
  15. Hi! I am trying the vanilla 5.15 kernel which has support for helios64. The system is booting, disks, MMC and network are working. But fancontrol fails. It seems the /sys entries have changed and the udev rules are not working. I've tried to understand the wiki page in order to adapt the udev rules and fancontrol config file but I am a little bit lost. Is there updated versions of those config files? Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
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