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  1. Hi! This patch works fine with linux 5.2.9 :-)
  2. Hi Thanks! I will take a try for this patch and tell you if it works for me. Really nice board, it's responsive and well documented
  3. Hi, An other question : I would like to run the latest vanilla kernel (5.2.*). Is there a patch for the dual fan ? The patch provided in the pwm section seems for kernel 4.x and is is rejected. Thanks! Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
  4. Hi! I will then boot from SPI NOR flash. The boot order is OK, I can then boot a "system rescue" from USB, or run armbian on sd as fall-back. I can run Gentoo with one binary linked on the wiki page you pointed out, empty environment, and a minimal boot.scr on SATA
  5. Hi, I am trying to compile and run U-BOOT on SATA1 but I don't succeed. What I can do is boot from flash memory using the armbian binary provided on the armbian sd card. And I cannot find the SATA installation documentation on the wiki, except the picture with the DIP switches (I used this from Solidrun, : dd if=u-boot-spl-sata.kwb of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=1 conv=sync, not working). And I cannot get a self-compiled working U-BOOT binary with helios4_defconfig So my questions is what options do I need to activate to have a self-compiled U-BOOT binary that can boot on SATA ? Is the dd command from Solidrun OK for the sata option ? (For now, I will boot from flash memory, running Gentoo Linux and concentrate later on U-Boot... I want to understand and master that part too) Kind regards, Xavier Miller