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  2. OK, thank you. I'm using Armbian_5.91_Odroidn2_Debian_buster_default_4.9.185.7z image and it works well: I've installed NextcloudPi and I'm successfully using it on daily basis, although dmesg reports some minor errors. I also tried to build a Buster image strictly following the docker method described in the Armbian guide, but with no luck, as kernel compilation fails. At this point, considering promising progresses of the linux-meson project, probably I'll wait for G12B SoC integration in the mainline before trying to compine a new kernel.
  3. Igor's odroid N2 image works... Here are dmesg red lines that require investigation from somebody more expert than me: clkmsr ffd18004.meson_clk_msr: failed to get msr ring reg0 cvbs_out: chrdev devno 263192576 for disp dmi: Firmware registration failed. perf_event: read sys_cpu_status0_offset failed, ret = -22 meson-pwm ff802000.pwm: pwm pinmux : can't get pinctrl meson-pwm ffd1b000.pwm: pwm pinmux : can't get pinctrl mtdoops: mtd device (mtddev=name/number) must be supplied drivers/amlogic/efuse/efuse_hw64.c:_efuse_read:196: read error!!! meson_cpufreq_probe: Registered platform drive [ 2.063911] ff803000.serial: clock gate not found gpio-keypad ff800000.gpio_keypad: failed to get gpio index from dts efuse efuse: open efuse clk gate error!! di_get_vpu_clkb: get clk vpu error. PPMGRDRV: err: ppmgr_driver_probe called [ 2.199532] Reserved memory: failed to init DMA memory pool at 0x00000000e3000000, size 0 MiB [ 2.202554] meson-mmc: mmc driver version: 3.02, 2017-05-15: New Emmc Host Controller [ 2.203254] meson-mmc: >>>>>>>>hostbase ffffff8008629000, dmode [ 2.242335] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_probe() : success! [ 2.249480] meson-mmc: >>>>>>>>hostbase ffffff8008632000, dmode [ 2.249515] meson-mmc: gpio_cd = 1ca [ 2.252739] meson-mmc: emmc: resp_timeout,vstat:0xa1ff2800,virqc:3fff [ 2.252742] meson-mmc: emmc: err: wait for irq service, bus_fsm:0x8 [ 2.252759] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_irq_thread_v3 551 emmc: cmd:1 [ 2.252761] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_irq_thread_v3() 567: set 1st retry! [ 2.252763] meson-mmc: retry cmd 1 the 3-th time(s) [ 2.253757] meson-mmc: emmc: resp_timeout,vstat:0x9dff0800,virqc:3fff [ 2.253759] meson-mmc: emmc: err: wait for desc write back, bus_fsm:0x7 [ 2.253765] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_irq_thread_v3 551 emmc: cmd:1 [ 2.253766] meson-mmc: retry cmd 1 the 2-th time(s) [ 2.254757] meson-mmc: emmc: resp_timeout,vstat:0x9dff0800,virqc:3fff [ 2.254759] meson-mmc: emmc: err: wait for desc write back, bus_fsm:0x7 [ 2.254765] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_irq_thread_v3 551 emmc: cmd:1 [ 2.254766] meson-mmc: retry cmd 1 the 1-th time(s) [ 2.255757] meson-mmc: emmc: resp_timeout,vstat:0x9dff0800,virqc:3fff [ 2.255759] meson-mmc: emmc: err: wait for desc write back, bus_fsm:0x7 [ 2.255764] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_irq_thread_v3 551 emmc: cmd:1 [ 2.255767] meson-mmc: Command retried failed line:585, cmd:1 [ 2.286325] meson-mmc: meson_mmc_probe() : success! [ 2.286490] amlogic mtd driver init [ 2.287074] cectx ff80023c.aocec: cec driver date:Ver 2019/1/7 [ 2.287548] cectx ff80023c.aocec: not find 'port_num' [ 2.287551] cectx ff80023c.aocec: using cec:1 [ 2.287580] cectx ff80023c.aocec: no hdmirx regs [ 2.287582] cectx ff80023c.aocec: no hhi regs [ 2.287586] cectx ff80023c.aocec: not find 'output' [ 2.287591] cec: wake up flag:0 [ 2.289030] cectx ff80023c.aocec: irq cnt:2 [ 2.289243] cectx ff80023c.aocec: wakeup_reason:0x0 [ 2.289289] cectx ff80023c.aocec: cev val1: 0x0;val2: 0x0 [ 2.289292] cectx ff80023c.aocec: aml_cec_probe success end defendkey ff630218.defendkey: Reserved memory is not enough! aml_card_probe error ret:-517 cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option "nsdelegate" meson-mmc: Tuning transfer error: nmatch=0 tuning_err:0xffffffac Error: Driver 'spdif-dit' is already registered, aborting... [ 2.323264] asoc debug: aml_audio_controller_probe-115 [ 2.324305] aml_card_probe error ret:-517 Proof of work and complete dmesg is attached below dmesg
  4. Hello, I'm interested in armbian buster for odroid n2 too... Were you able to check it?