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  1. Hello, I've just found a topic about removing Allwinner legacy. I work with Orange Pi PC Plus board, H3 CPU. Do I understand correctly that the option to build system based on old v.3.4 kernel will be removed? Once I experienced a problem with system shutdown using newer kernel - got System halted message. This is why I decided to continue with legacy kernel. Please advise.
  2. Hello, when I connect R307 fingerprint reader to USB port, Linux identifies it as mass storage device. If the device is connected to the Orange Pi board before turning on, the system resets itself on early startup with "Resetting CPU..." message. What can be the reason and how to avoid it? I know about alternate serial connection, but would prefer to use USB. I use Armbian recent version with console image. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you very much, vfrolov! I've suffered from the error messages on boot for long time and occasionally found your solution that worked for me.
  4. Hello, the patch I've published earlier, worked for me fine until the last OS version update (apt-get upgrade). After the update I get black screen. I have a development environment with Full HD display. The display is able to adapt to 120x800 resolution. If I switch display mode to Full HD using h3disp, the system works fine. The h3disp still shows 1280x800 resolution in the list, but switching to that mode causes again black screen. I understand that some updated module doesn't support this resolution. How can I fix the problem without rebuilding all the system again? Thanks in advance.
  5. The new patch is attached to this message. I am not sure what should be its correct name, so kept it as created by Armbian build script. I would be glad to get a confirmation about it. kernel-sun8i-default.patch
  6. Hello, the pll change didn't cause any difference. But when I set DVI mode, this did the trick - the background has changed to black. BTW, in order to set the RGB565 mode using h3disp command, the fb_mode should be set to 10. Hope this will help also to somebody else.
  7. Hello, after I edited the sources manually, now it works, but shows purple background. Is this the only pll value to play with, or I need to change something else? I would like get correct results before publishing the patch. Thank you,
  8. Thank you for tip, Igor! Will do that.
  9. Hello, I've just tried to apply the z-0004-add_1280x800.patch file from the above link and was able to see in the new compilation [warn] z-0004-add_1280x800.patch [failed] I've compared the files in an older compilation and indeed, the patch was not fully applied. What is a good way to solve this problem (I assume that editing the source files is not a good way). Thanks,
  10. Hello, I also have the 1280x800 monitor. The patch z-004-add-addonal-2048x1536.txt didn't work for me. The monitor works well with Armbian based on mainline kernel, but I need to continue with 3.4.113 kernel. I was unable to download the u-boot-h3-video-helper.bin file - the site can't be reached. Where can I find the file? Thanks,
  11. Hello, I think, my problem is similar. After I downloaded and installed last Armbian version with mainline kernel in Orange Pi PC Plus board, in attempt to shut down both desktop and console systems, the last message in the console screen is "system halted". The console doesn't turn off. Any idea of how to avoid the problem?
  12. Hello Everyone, I would like to share my experience about how to boot Orange Pi almost silently in console mode (eliminate a lot of kernel messages on startup) without desktop and remove cursor blinking that can cause black rectangle appearing over white background, when painting to framebuffer. Many options that proposed as being able to reduce kernel messages on boot didn't work for me. So based on Armbian documentation I started to experience with armbianEnv.txt file in the /boot folder. The extraargs setting was not part of the default armbianEnv.txt file, but appeared in BOOT.CMD file. The setting extraargs=vt.global_cursor_default=0 quiet solved both above problems. Hope this will be helpful for somebody else.
  13. Hello, we have a working Armbian system that runs the user mode USB device and Windows application that uses LIBUSB to connect to device. Once we used another hardware platform for the device firmware. Now, when we switched to Orange Pi PC, I had to change the Windows part in order to adapt it for the USB OTG driver limitation. We used USB sniffer program in order to get USB traces of old and new devices. This way we were able to solve some startup problems. Please explain what .config file you mean - kernel configuration?
  14. Correction of path in Kernel configuration: Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Console display driver support -> Framebuffer Console Rotation.
  15. In order for echo number to fbcon -> rotate or -> rotate_all to work, the kernel should be configured to support rotation in frame buffer, see kernel configuration tool: Device Drivers -> Graphics Support -> Support for framebuffer devices -> Framebuffer Console Support. Currently this requires custom build. I would consider to always enable frame buffer rotation support in default configuration.
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