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  1. perfstr

    Hdmi 1280 x 800 display

    Hello, I also have the 1280x800 monitor. The patch z-004-add-addonal-2048x1536.txt didn't work for me. The monitor works well with Armbian based on mainline kernel, but I need to continue with 3.4.113 kernel. I was unable to download the u-boot-h3-video-helper.bin file - the site can't be reached. Where can I find the file? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I think, my problem is similar. After I downloaded and installed last Armbian version with mainline kernel in Orange Pi PC Plus board, in attempt to shut down both desktop and console systems, the last message in the console screen is "system halted". The console doesn't turn off. Any idea of how to avoid the problem?
  3. Hello Everyone, I would like to share my experience about how to boot Orange Pi almost silently in console mode (eliminate a lot of kernel messages on startup) without desktop and remove cursor blinking that can cause black rectangle appearing over white background, when painting to framebuffer. Many options that proposed as being able to reduce kernel messages on boot didn't work for me. So based on Armbian documentation I started to experience with armbianEnv.txt file in the /boot folder. The extraargs setting was not part of the default armbianEnv.txt file, but appeared in BOOT.CMD file. The setting extraargs=vt.global_cursor_default=0 quiet solved both above problems. Hope this will be helpful for somebody else.
  4. Hello, we have a working Armbian system that runs the user mode USB device and Windows application that uses LIBUSB to connect to device. Once we used another hardware platform for the device firmware. Now, when we switched to Orange Pi PC, I had to change the Windows part in order to adapt it for the USB OTG driver limitation. We used USB sniffer program in order to get USB traces of old and new devices. This way we were able to solve some startup problems. Please explain what .config file you mean - kernel configuration?
  5. Correction of path in Kernel configuration: Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Console display driver support -> Framebuffer Console Rotation.
  6. In order for echo number to fbcon -> rotate or -> rotate_all to work, the kernel should be configured to support rotation in frame buffer, see kernel configuration tool: Device Drivers -> Graphics Support -> Support for framebuffer devices -> Framebuffer Console Support. Currently this requires custom build. I would consider to always enable frame buffer rotation support in default configuration.
  7. Hello, I would like to share my experience about development and debugging inside Armbian. On the beginning I tried to use Code::Blocks. But it crashed too many times, mostly during simple file editing. Then I found better IDE - CodeLite. When I wanted to debug a program, I found I have to install GDB. After installing and configuring it, the debugging looked to be possible, but every attempt finished with segmentation fault somewhere outside of my program, even before the first statement in main function was reached. After several attempts, I uninstalled and re-installed GDB and this time found recommended additional component - libc6-dbg. Installing this component fixed the fault problem. It looks a bit strange for me that the libc6-dbg is recommended and not required component. And another point - how would it be possible to detect during debugging that this component is missing? I hope this topic will help somebody else, who meets the problem.
  8. perfstr

    Autologin to Armbian console

    I found the solution - it should be similar to the change described in the link: change /lib/systemd/system/getty@.service file, ExecStart string to contain ExecStart=-/usr/bin/agetty --autologin username ... After the change is applied, the console screen still shows some text, which needs to be disabled. Any idea?
  9. Hello, I run my program system as a service in console mode, so no login is needed. The Linux system starts up almost quietly after changes in boot.scr. The only "small" thing that needs a solution is the login prompt. How can I prevent login prompt from appearing? I've tried some autologin options I found for different Linux systems, but they didn't work for me. Any suggestion?
  10. perfstr

    How to set framebuffer 16bpp in 1080p DVI

    The problem with colors exists in startup console screen, but desktop colors are fine, including terminal windows. If somebody has an idea of how the startup colors can be changed (adapted to RGB565 mode), please let me know.
  11. perfstr

    How to set framebuffer 16bpp in 1080p DVI

    I found that the fb0_format option is described in incorrectly - it should be set to 10 in order to achieve 16bpp RGB565 screen (according to disp2 header file). Meanwhile this new option produces another problem - the startup text is colored in different colors, but not white. Hope to find better solution after some more tests.
  12. perfstr

    v.5.17 and DVI monitor

    Thank you for answer! The problem still exists with the old, previously worked option - 1080p50 and DVI. The problem started to happen during changes in v.5.17.I have one Orange Pi PC working well with v.5.17 compiled on 12th July and it works well with 1080p50 and DVI monitor. Hope this helps to identify the problem.
  13. perfstr

    v.5.17 and DVI monitor

    Hi, yesterday I've compiled new Armbian v.5.17 in a new folder in attempt to check current status of DVI problem. The "h3disp -m 9 -d" command still doesn't bring a good result with DVI monitor. But the new option - "h3disp -m 36 -d" - let me see the Ubuntu desktop screen in my DVI monitor (1680x1050 is not native resolution, but finally it works). Hope this will let to identify the problem with 1080p resolution and DVI. I believe it is connected to some kernel patch as mentioned in the new version of h3disp.
  14. Hi, in case somebody is looking for working example of USB gadget built for H3 processor (Orange Pi PC) on top of GadgetFS, please look at the link: The only adaptation required for Orange Pi PC is in autoconfig() function: else if (stat(DEVNAME = "sunxi_usb_udc", &statb) == 0) { HIGHSPEED = 1; fs_source_desc.bEndpointAddress = hs_source_desc.bEndpointAddress = USB_DIR_IN | 1; EP_IN_NAME = "ep1in-bulk"; fs_sink_desc.bEndpointAddress = hs_sink_desc.bEndpointAddress = USB_DIR_OUT | 1; EP_OUT_NAME = "ep1out-bulk"; source_sink_intf.bNumEndpoints = 3; fs_status_desc.bEndpointAddress = hs_status_desc.bEndpointAddress = USB_DIR_IN | 2; EP_STATUS_NAME = "ep2in-bulk"; /* Orange Pi PC H3 processor */ The Armbian kernel (v.3.4) configuration should be changed to include USB gadget and GadgetFS items. I would suggest to add this to the default kernel configuration.
  15. perfstr

    v.5.17 and DVI monitor

    I have two SD cards - one with 5.16 debug and another with 5.17. I can see 5.16 desktop in DVI monitor and can't in 5.17, both switched to DVI mode using the same h3disp -m 9 -d command. Will wait on your results, take your time.