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    perfstr reacted to IgorS in 256 tty devices are being created at boot   
    Useful. Thanks!
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    perfstr got a reaction from chwe in How to boot to console silently and without cursor blinking   
    Hello Everyone, I would like to share my experience about how to boot Orange Pi almost silently in console mode (eliminate a lot of kernel messages on startup) without desktop and remove cursor blinking that can cause black rectangle appearing over white background, when painting to framebuffer. Many options that proposed as being able to reduce kernel messages on boot didn't work for me. So based on Armbian documentation I started to experience with armbianEnv.txt file in the /boot folder. The extraargs setting was not part of the default armbianEnv.txt file, but appeared in BOOT.CMD file. The setting
    extraargs=vt.global_cursor_default=0 quiet
    solved both above problems. Hope this will be helpful for somebody else.
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    perfstr got a reaction from Ali in Segmentation fault, when starting debugging with GDB   
    Hello, I would like to share my experience about development and debugging inside Armbian. On the beginning I tried to use Code::Blocks. But it crashed too many times, mostly during simple file editing. Then I found better IDE - CodeLite. When I wanted to debug a program, I found I have to install GDB. After installing and configuring it, the debugging looked to be possible, but every attempt finished with segmentation fault somewhere outside of my program, even before the first statement in main function was reached. After several attempts, I uninstalled and re-installed GDB and this time found recommended additional component - libc6-dbg. Installing this component fixed the fault problem. It looks a bit strange for me that the libc6-dbg is recommended and not required component. And another point - how would it be possible to detect during debugging that this component is missing?
    I hope this topic will help somebody else, who meets the problem. 
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    perfstr got a reaction from gnasch in Getting compilation detailed log   
    When ./ command is used to compiling a new Armbian version (especially with some source changes for debugging), in case there was an error during compilation, it can be impossible to find real reason of the problem. Log files located in output/debug folder are not very informative - they just show the last message, which also appears on the screen - failed in script line number . The following command was used to get full log of the compilation process:
    command | tee -a log.txt
    Hope this will be useful for somebody else (newbie), who like me spent a lot of time trying to understand, why the compilation failed after some changes in kernel configuration.
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    perfstr reacted to tkaiser in sunxi_usb_udc   
    Why not studying an already existing implementation (using our build system if I understood correctly):