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  1. Is there any such box with Gbit Ethernet? What are the biggest differences of the these X3s vs the old X905 and X905X which i have several of?
  2. Anyone tried to run k8s/k3s on these? Last time i tried, it lacked some kernel cgroup features IIRC.
  3. I wonder the same since Google couldn't tell me that's this is can be bought as of today.
  4. Thanks for your advises @NicoD I have several use cases, which i've bought a couple of HP thin clients to see if they can cover my needs. This because i really got fed up with the I/O options of the boxes i've played with. Anyway, my uses cases are different, one of them being NAS, and i've seen a 4 port SATA NAS HAT by @mindee somewhere here i look forward to being tested/reviewed. Will that HAT work with this board? And based on your video review, i really like this board as i probably don't need to deal with heat dissipation due to the nice heatsink. Being able to fee
  5. @nicoD Fantastic video you made for this board. I really really want to order one after watching your video! Thanks a lot!
  6. Nice to see a low cost ARM SBC with BMC, pretty amazing. If the BMC will be reviewed working, i'll get one. Also, the I/O ability on this board seems fantastic! Seems $149 for the 4GB version.
  7. It's actually specified in the item ad: Power supply interface (5.5*2.5 standard interface) 12V 4A, which makes sense to be able to deliver 2A at max for 3.5" HDD startup power.
  8. Sorry i quoted the wrong link. The link is from your post at OMV site: I was thinking about the barrel DC in on this board and what kind of PSU i'd need. I really like these adapter as it saves me a lot of other adapters i've been buying lately to build a NAS from ARM SBC boards.
  9. Any suggestion to a PSU for this adapter board which seems pretty nice? I'm not sure about how that board would handle 12v/5v to the drives.
  10. I have been happy user of Vscission V88 Piano board for some months running Armbian and ZFS, but yesterday after some trouble rebooting like 20x after the box hang during an attempt to clone a Corsair 32GB USB drive, i can't get it to boot Armbian any longer! I've verified i'ts' not the SDcard nor the content in it (correct dtb.img etc) and i even downloaded another image from and tested a new SD card with no luck. It boots Android just fine when SD card is not inserted, but when inserted i see a red light and nothing on the screen. Sad since this one has enough R
  11. I have 2 RK3288 devices, is it possible to test this off an SD-card before overwriting the eMMC? Edit: Never mind. README.txt gave me some more info and this script can only be installed once you have a running system. Now i need to find an image for my RK3288 TV-box!
  12. Thanks a lot @Jason Fisher Based on your feedback and invaluable hints and tips, i was finally able to get ZFS to compile/build on my V88 RK3328 box. I also did switch to experimental kernel (beta) and things went fine. Thank you very much!
  13. Amazing results of RK3399. Thx for sharing such details with us. I'd like to order RockPro64 when it comes available again.
  14. @balbes150 i'm trying to run Kubernetes using your kernel, but it seems to lack some cgroup support such as freeer, and other kernel support for ip_nf and netfilter_xt. + some other missing kernel support too, please see below marked in bold. Possible to get these into the next version? root@amlogic:~# kubeadm join --token 82e7a9.543a20d2e1b46566 --discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:030150ccecdfd2139bd3f532b92153870ea01f9cf319b1fb8954dab76357fb45[preflight] Running pre-flight checks. [preflight] The system verification failed. Printing the output from the