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  1. Hi guys! I have a problem with Orange Pi 3. After a night leaving the small board turned on I reboot the board and try to use a Bluetooth connector it shutdown. Again and again the same problem. When I touched the board it was so hot. Even when I use outside the case the board can't support a process for at least 30 minutes without turning off. I got the outputs of dmesg. As I don't know, I am a replay newbie, I ask for help here. Best regards. Paulo
  2. Hi guys! Fortunately I found a solution to the problem: Use a gigabit switch. Orange Pi 3 and Orange Pi 4 just work on switch with Gigabit technology fine and not with 10/100 interface. Orange Pi One works fine but as exposed in old topic it was fixed. I found after first update many scripts of NetworkManager modified, maybe there are flags and other scripts impacting on NetworkManager.
  3. Hi! This is the output: http://ix.io/2rc6
  4. Hi guys! I am making a separated network to connect my OPi3 to my old notebook to run some codes of my research. So, the problems is with ethernet connector in Orange Pi 3 that when I connect the cable from OPi3 to my switch LEDs just flash slow and in big intervals. When I try to ping from OPi3 to computer the ping just happens after big time later. I verify the cable and the switch with other devices (my personal notebook and my notebook from work). Everything is ok and running well. One thing blow my mind: when I connect cable from OPi3 directly to my notebook the LEDs of ethernet of OPi3 works normally but in the armbian the networks not always being up and even LEDs flash normal in the software it comes down being necessary to activate again. So, I am new on networks and connections. I saw the topic: But nothing could be used in my case. I hope you can help me! Below I out the videos before I connect OPi3 to my notebook and in the second video after, remembering I just connect OPi3 to notebook to "activate" the ethernet connector, after this both, OPi3 and notebook were connected to switch. VID_20200707_162920_284.mp4 VID_20200707_171510_950.mp4
  5. I just want to say thank you for words and the motivation to joint to Armbian. It will be a pleasure for me! I will joint to contribute Are you using Armbian on OPi4? I am planning buy uart connectors and new SD Card on weekend to make new tests. Also I will see the code. In forum there persons who are using Armbian on eMMC and saying both opinions, working and not working. So, I need see what is going wrong. In your case is everything working?
  6. Is the sound working on your HDMI output?
  7. Dear Igor, I am sorry for words. I really know what you are telling and now, after many messages I got comprehension on your words. I am sorry, but I was so anxious. You are right when telling images are in tests and the better way to get outputs and share the experience to improve better updates for Armbian is the uart. Testing the hardware components too for getting better and etc. I I was worried about it for sure. But I don't have yet with me cables to connect on pins and step by step I am getting the components to improve my project and experience with OPi. I am so sorry, it is just a big anxiety and a worry with calendar of studies (that's why I am using OPi 3 and OPi one too). But I am very sorry for my last words.
  8. Dear Igor, I have followed your advice but nothing happens. Unfortunately the board doesn't show any signal with the version you said me to use. Again I am so disappointed because nothing works in this board and I am feeling so frustrated. I use it on work because I don have monitor to connect it. So, below I show some images again. I tried Buster and Bionic and the version 20.02.3 but nothing. I just don't know what to do...
  9. Dear @Igor, in the case of images I've just downloaded the images from "Direct download". I did it for Buster and Bionic. Below I know there is a link with a repository but I downloaded from the link shown in the web site. About the logs I confess I don't know how to get it. I just think it was possible due the output in the screen. I imagine, if I am wrong, there is methods jumpering the board or etc but I don't know it. So, from the link you pass I would like to ask you if it is available in the website of Armbian. It seems it is possible to have boot from SD card too, am I wrong? You write about leave the complexity but it is step by step.
  10. Hi @martinayotte, Thanks for the help. For me, a new user, I am in doubt about how change the boot preference and how and where do I need to plug to do it. Could you explain more easy to me? I confess I can't catch it :(
  11. Dear @Igor, I know the limitations due the OPi4 is a new hardware project but I am disappointed because some user can boot and initialize the board when others, like me, can't do it, unfortunately the documentation has a few information. You are right the project has it own limitations and go with support free and contribution from many users, I don't want to seem so rude in my disappointment. - which image exactly? (Link!) Answer: The link of ISOS is that from official site of Armbian: https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-4/ - how good is your power supply? Answer: Power supply is good and care with this providing stable connection to a power stabilizer (with right tension and voltage) - can you provide serial console logs? Answer: When I put SD Card I can't get any information because there is no terminal to catch any output. From Android also I can't do nothing because I am not the root of the this OS. Do you have any help?? Please send me something!
  12. Hi guys, I am using Orange Pi 4 (RK3399) and put in a SD card Armbian buster (and other time bionic) from the official web site but nothing happens. I have tried so many times using dd command from my debian OS and windows tools to write image on SD card but nothing again. When I start the board with Android the SD card could be read by android, but when I reboot just the red led shines and the screen of monitor doesn't show nothing. I would like some help because I would use my board in my project of postgraduate. Nowadays I am so disappointed with this problem. Best regards.
  13. I read from beginning and I see people with same problem but they don't answer if sound works using armbian, but answer for lireleec. Are there people suing armbian and sound is working?
  14. I don't know if I am the only person who has the problem with sound with my Orange Pi 3. I've installed Armbian Buster and Bionic, different versions but both sound output doesn't work. I tested the android (7.0) that comes with Orange Pi 3 and there sound works perfectly. I tried Debian and Ubuntu from Orange Pi website but I had the same problem with Armbian. So, are there user here who has or had the same problem? Except the matter or OS in WIP what do you do? So, I would like to know if I am the person with this problem, and who knows, solve it.
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