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    Marko Buršič got a reaction from Igor in RockPi 4B external RTC   
    After some tests I have found out that this works OK with a kernel that has the ds1307 enabled as default in .config . Currently 5.4.44-rockchip64 has this rtc enabled by default (it is back again, thankfully) and it compiled as module, rk808 is compiled as device. When using above mentined .dtbo the system recognises the ds1307 at boot and then it links as /dev/rtc0, so no kernel built from trunk is needed anymore. 
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    Marko Buršič got a reaction from Tido in Overview of your devices? - COCKPIT   
    I know and I am using it.
    apt-get install cockpit
    apt-get install -y cockpit-networkmanager
    apt-get install cockpit-storaged
    Running on Armbian Buster.