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  1. @piter75Thanks for the head up. I know on t4 it's attached to i2s0 and the mixer settings discussed in the other threads. Maybe I should test the codec on friendlyarm's android image to make sure the hardware is working as I had never heard any playback since I got the t4.
  2. Even confusing the bluetooth came to work unexpectedly after I adjusted i2c1 parameters in dtb in order to get sound from rt5651 and reboot. While cannot get sound playback from codec still. There seems a ghost in my nanopc t4.
  3. @piter75 Just asked for confirmation. As I am confused.
  4. @piter75Thanks. Is the CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_RT5651only select the codec and i2s, without additional source files like rockchip_5640.c?
  5. @piter75 I am trying to get rt5651 sound on nanopc t4 kernel 5.4. But only static noise in headphone now. If you have rt5651 sound on m4, would you please publish you kernel config and patch(if any)? And the bluetooth is broken on 5.4, while it worked on 5.2. Does your bluetooth work well on 5.4?
  6. It seems on mainline kernel 5.3 & 5.4 the serdev bcm4356 driver is broken, while it worked on kernel 5.2. Anyone on nanopc t4 or m4 found the same problem? Anything sent to the module via __hci_cmd_sync resulted in timeout. There was a refactor of the underlying 8250_dw uart driver after kernel 5.2, but I can not tell anything break the communication from the git diff.
  7. Glad to know the mainline u-boot progress. Give it another try. Now the tpl-spl loads u-boot.itb. It seems aclk-vop and hclk-vop rate setting are missing. But with these rate settings added only got a fake vidconsole, only registered the stdio driver without any signal sent to hdmi. There is something missing to enable the hdmi correctly although it's probed successfully. Another mystery: the kernel would hang in very early stage after board was soft reset, but boot well after hard reset or poweron.
  8. @MerbludThanks. But still no progress with rt5651. Maybe the module in mainline to be blamed. I know nothing about kernel sound driver, it seems beyond my touch. Btw, although panfrost works with glmark2-es2 well, it bends knees to a simple draw, causing a segfault in rockchip_dri.so which called memset(). So it's still prealpha. And no success to get vidconsole on mainline uboot, even worse the tpl-spl won't load u-boot.itb on sd. I have to resort to an old spl without tpl. Anyone got vidconsole in uboot?
  9. @MerbludWould you please publish you sound patch here? I am trying to get rt5651 sound of nanopc t4 on mainline kernel 5.4rc, but only static noise in headphone so far. Btw bluetooth is broken on 5.3 or 5.4rc, while it's working on 5.2. Any idea? With panfrost and hantro vpu marching on well, rk3399 seems becoming a good choice to run mainline kernel.