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  1. How rebild ketnel??? (I can move the topic myself)
  2. How Rebuild the kernel, if i have in armbian headers kernel orange pi zero? I want rebild on arm board. I use old kеrnel 3.4.113
  3. The ARM kernel itself has already been compiled. How to compile a ARM kernel module on an VM amd64?
  4. Has anyone used the touchscreen gsl380 on armbian kernel 3.4. legacy? There are instructions?
  5. Yes, i understand this. Kernel 4. .... But i have kernel 3.4.133 gslx680 reset_chip: gsl_ts_write 1 fail How fix it????
  6. I solved this problem with adding a module. But my gslx680 touch screen is not earned. INTERRUPT CONFIG - this problem gslx680 1-0040: init_chip failed gslx680: probe of 1-0040 failed with error -70 There is another build of the gslx680_ts_acpi driver. But it needs linux/gpio/consumer.h How can I build it - linux/gpio/?
  7. Hi, Igor. Thank you for your work. I found image of the 5.26 armbian SOM A13 server 3.4.113, on the Internet. I changed it for myself and edited the script. bin. Installed a desktop (I have a 9-inch LSD screen). Built the gslx680 touch screen driver, but modprobe gives an error operation not permitted - how fix it? P.S dkms not help.
  8. OK, I was able to build legasy xenial olinuxino.img But I need the old u-boot with script.bin. How it's make?
  9. https://armbian-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ Only supported compilation environment is Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 (no other releases are supported! It has to be exactly 16.04 otherwise default compiler versions might not match so if you’re on an older Ubuntu release upgrade to 16.04 now, if you use a newer Ubuntu version start with 16.04 from scratch),
  10. Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation Поддерживается только среда компиляции Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 ( никакие другие версии не поддерживаются ! Она должна быть ровно 16.04, иначе версии компилятора по умолчанию могут не совпадать, поэтому, если вы сейчас используете более старую версию Ubuntu, обновление до 16.04, если вы используете более новую Ubuntu версия начинается с 16.04 с нуля),
  11. Hi. Help, me please i need install legacy kernel I use olinuxino-A13.csc: BOARD_NAME="A13-OLinuXino" BOARDFAMILY="sun5i" BOOTCONFIG="A13-OLinuXino_defconfig" KERNEL_TARGET="legacy,current" #CLI_BETA_TARGET="xenial:default" DESKTOP_TARGET="xenial:default" I use virtual mashine Xenial 16.04 x64 Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation But when compiling, I get the error: [ error ] ERROR in function prepare_host [ general.sh:978 ] [ error ] It seems you ignore documentation and run an unsupported build system: xenial
  12. Как мне использовать встроенный микрофон? Pulseaudio
  13. Will the desktop work on the kernel 5.3?
  14. Встроенный микрофон не работает при установке рабочего стола.