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  1. So we basically need only to be patient and wait, and this is great because GNU/Linux on RK3566 and RK3568 should give a truly enjoyable experience. Anyway, thanks for the reply!
  2. Recently has appeared some 3566 tv boxes in the wild, would be doable to run armbian on them? Since Rockchip seems kinda dedicated to openness the same goes for the RK3566?
  3. Oh ok! And what if you have to compare between H6 and RK3328? By the way, what H6 tv box have you bought? I am planning to buy a T95 MAX (4/64).
  4. Hi! I saw that, even if not officially supported, there is a lot of discussion about armbian on tv boxes. I read that amlogic ones are not really a good choice and rockchip and allwinner ones should be the right choice instead. I am thinking to buy a tv box to play with armbian, you know...for fun! But I am quite undecided. Would be an Allwinner H6 the best option or should I buy something with a Rockchip 3229, 3288 or 3388? And moreover, what would be the best choice and why between the Rockchip ones? I have already read the thread "Status of Armbian on TV Boxes - Please Read First" but at the moment there are no informations regarding Rockchip and Allwinner.
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