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  1. Its the uboot environmental variables that controls the fw settings. this will be needed if you want to install it to your internal memory. The best experience is when it runs from internal memory. its awesome. since you have the TWRP backup you can always restore android. To fix that need to paste "lsblk" block information from running armbian. From your android system backup in the /etc folder you will need to get the fw_env.config file.
  2. Excellent. You have the proper fw_env.config? try running fw_printenv...
  3. this one has been reconverted AMLOGIC_8726_M8.dtb
  4. It's a K200 without a revision. Try burning image to SD once more and try again. Possibly an issue with SD card. I will send you a TWRP later today which you could use to backup your firmware and we can extract your DTB file. UPDATE: the attached is the TWRP recovery for k200 boards. you need to put it on sdcard and use toothpick mode to get to recovery. will help to backup your android system. recovery.img
  5. you will have to load up android and see the details or you can download and run cpu-z and see board details. example below. may not even be a k200? - post a screenshot of yours
  6. Hello, Anyone know if this works with s905X3 with HW video decoder. Planning on getting a box to convert to Armbian running on emmc? appreciate any input please..
  7. find your box recovery button. use toothpick mode to activate. using update method does not always work. watch this:
  8. that sounds promising. Whats is the make and model of your box? is it k200b or c ? and way to find android firmware online? i would also suggest reformatting sdcard and reburning it else use another sdcard, run a dmesg on your computer. if you get a sdcard was not unmounted correctly, run sudo fsck -fy /dev/mmcblk0p1 and do the same for p2 depending you you system...seek by lsblk
  9. Try this. Rename it it to dtb.img and put it in the boot partition of 5.4.4 m8_k200_sdio.dtb
  10. I am sorry for your troubles.. when you have it restored, take a look at page 11 of this post and do a search for the word wetek... chataigne73 April 5, 2018 Hello balbes150 I'm trying to use your armbian s812 builds on my device : it's a Wetek Core, with Libreelec installed on nand. From what I understand, I'm in a particular case since my box already supports booting from sdcard, but it doesn't work for your builds (sdcard not seen as bootable by my box). So, I applied your autoscript to activate universal multiboot. Now my box detect your builds on sdcard (not on usb), boot on it but is stuck (with screen no signal) with every dtbs I tried. I think the wetek proprietary multiboot script is in conflict with your. Here is my fw_printenv ... thank you if you can help me : Reveal hidden contents Edit : I manage to boot by using dtb and uimage of libreelec for my device (3.10.99) Balbes : can you repost old 3.10.99 debian or ubuntu links ? they are no more on your yandex
  11. just use the dtb that was not in the zip folder as your dtb. it has be converted. the zip is the original extract that contains the kernel file. as a backup you can keep.
  12. if you are going to change it to dtb.img use the 5.44 img to start with.
  13. attached are the files i extracted from the boot img of your device. dtb.zip m8m2_n200C_2G.dts m8m2_n200C_2G.dtb
  14. Ok since that is the case, we will need to follow @balbes150 instructions to get it activated. Let me share with you want i was referring to first; Below are the ones from my device; notice that the mtdblock0 is the bootloader and the mtdblock1 is uboot env. I am reading this while booted from internal memory so it does not have a label but did when i booted from the sd card, using; /dev/system as my boot partition /dev/data as my root /dev/cache as my cache I was looking at post which i wanted to adopt for my box to switch the partitions around and boot into LE or linux using below...its a work in progress; Looking at the link @balbes150 posted, you will need to activate using sd card, I may have look some more into it. I would however suggest reading through that forum. I could not find the aml_autoscript. I will try to ping @balbes150 for help. edit: tried to ping him but says he does not receive msgs. perhaps inbox is full. Check out this post #317; https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/12330-test-libreelec-images-with-kodi-19-for-s9xxx/?postID=106454#post106454