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  1. There is no perfect SBC and even if it happens to be for some moment - that won't last long For example, Amlogic S905X3 is quite energy efficient CPU, which can run with passive radiator of moderate size. Besides to TV boxes, some SBCs are released with this CPU - like Odroid-C4, Odroid-HC4 (active cooling!) or just released Banana Pi M5. But it comes with price of 50$ and even 8$ more for USB to SATA bridge.
  2. In Buster legacy only one file shall be changed after image flashing to ensure successful boot (i.e. Bluetooth problem fix). Just mount flashed SD card and change file in three places like piter75 suggested in both commits: Works like charm on just flashed and also already extended (unsuccesfully booted) installations.
  3. Great job, JMMC! My M4V2 now is usable even in 3440x1440 resolution. It still forgets about it each time, when monitor is switched off, but at least moving of browser or Thunar window is much smother and faster as on legacy Bionic with script. Even PVR addon works in KODI, although VLC in this case is more preferable IPTV player. Thanks, I hope dpkg will be easily solvable. Console workaround is ok, but old habits are hard to overcome
  4. Strange, just installed Buster legacy on M4V2+NVMe (system is not moved to NVMe) and .... it reboots each time Sound is going over HDMI, network - over RJ45. Fan is controlled via bash script. My diagnostics, if it can somehow help: I used smiling emoji, because my Bionic legacy installation never reboots properly. It shuts down and SBC green LED doesn't start to blink, only red is glowing. Keyboard illumination on reboot goes out, after some time lights up and that's it. System is moved to NVMe, BTW.
  5. Thanks, Piotr! Problem is fixed, installation finishes successfully.
  6. Arvo


  7. Doesn't work, the same picture of "A start job is running". I tried to fix (including "downloade") already booted CD card and afterwards freshly flashed as well - just in case Has anybody got successful install after fix? What is interesting, my Bionic bluetooth started to work on boot and now I can see adapter in XFCE and even pair smartphone. It still has "kernel lacks bnep-protocol support" and "System does not support network plugin" status alerts, but there is no initial "condition failed". May be I applied fix to the root file system as well, not sure, if it
  8. Got the same problem with M4V2+NVMe and Buster legacy desktop installation. Switched back to Bionic legacy desktop and looks like Bluetooth here doesn't work too:
  9. Sorry, got error, gnome-disks can't be run from mounted system drive P34A80 NVMe has SLC buffer, so result shall be similar, may be except for buffer size.
  10. I did similar research some time ago and it resulted as M4V2 with Silicon Power P34A80 NVMe. Sure, this SSD is overkill for M4V2, as only two PCI lanes are used, but I got it for half price. PCIe 2.1 x2 theoretical throughput can't exceed 1GB/s. In my case 663 MB/s is OK, as board is used nonstop as Graylog, InfluxDB+Grafana and Pi-Hole server - even during this benchmark. Not sure about T4, but M4V2 can't boot from NVMe. Even when Armbian is moved to and run from NVMe, so SD card shall stay in slot.
  11. Arvo

    NanoPI M4

    Tried this program on M4V2 with NVMe (bionic 4.4. kernel) - service is running but no effect even if cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp goes over 65000 in Generic monitor. Has anybody got running fan on such config? Program uses PWM0 (except for errors) but NVMe card has "fan, modulated by PWM1" in description. I wonder, if replacement could help? Fan works perfectly on Frendlyarm bionic image. arvo@nanopim4v2:~$ sudo systemctl status fancontrol ● fancontrol.service - Fan control Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/fancontrol.service; enabled; vendor pres