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    cman122887 reacted to sbc_chrisb in Le Potato GPIO pins on /sys   
    Hello, I'm new to this world of SBC. I'm trying to learn as much as possible, and I realize maybe I should have started with a better documented board like the rPI. I guess I just like learning the hard way.
    I'm trying to use the GPIO pins on the board. Starting with baby steps, I'm looking to just simply turn on/off an LED via GPIO. I've been searching and poking around the /sys filesystem to try to understand how this works, but I'm having a hard time understanding which pins to expose via the export file, and what physical pins those map to.
    I see /sys/class/gpio/ has two chips, 0 and 10. I see gpiochip0 has 10 pins, and gpiochip10 has 101. Is there a document which maps which of these corresponds to the physical pins available? If I write "8" to the export file /sys/class/gpio/export, does that expose pin 8 on the board (UART_A_TX)? Am I understanding this right or am I way off? For my purpose, which pin would be the right one to start with to turn an LED on?
    Side note: I also noticed on the schematic for the board that several of the pins are labelled WIFI, are these interface pins for the SOC wifi module? 
    Apologies if these are dumb questions. I'm just trying to find the info to learn what does what on this board.
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    cman122887 got a reaction from Werner in wifi adapter not persistent across boots   
    So I'm a bit of a dummy.
    I did not know I could put in the interface name (wlan0) into the device portion of the network manager connections list.
    When it made the entry for me it had <Mac address>(<ifname>) 
    00:e0:4c:81:92:5a (wlan0) for instance..
    I just removed the Mac address and the parentheses around wlan0 and now network manager is connecting my wifi on boot. I know this not the correct way to do this but this is all I needed.
    Thanks for giving me a sounding board to reach this conclusion!