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  1. I have a Geniatech based Android TV Box with s812 and ap6330 wifi card, I tried LibreElec and used the MX III Plus dtb since it was the one that worked before on 3.10 kernel but on this one my Wifi wasn't working, the ethernet connected but had a weird IP and the internet itself wasn't working, I couldn't even connect to it using ssh, anything I can do to help and test I'm happy to. Thanks for your effort.
  2. Hi. I've recently bricked an amlogic s905x Box and I can't boot from android. I was able to use Armbian by burning to a sd card and then using a file named "1.img" with amlogic burn card maker, but I try to install to eMMC and I get the error Unable to find your EMMC, does this mean my eMMC is dead ?
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