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  1. I would be grateful if you write about your attempts
  2. @fatboyatdesk There are the results?
  3. how so? Last documentation H3 says that PA06 no pwm. It's a lie?
  4. It would be cool!!! I think if it will be possible to control neopixel. (ws2811, ws2812)
  5. Unfortunately I have not seen such a library. A small community in the H3 devices.
  6. Our links are not the same. I made good use of it on an orange pi pÑ https://github.com/StaLeWaR/OPi-Fan I have information that works on all PA *, PG *. On the PC *, PD * - not running. But I have not checked
  7. I know only one which employs an interrupt https://github.com/WereCatf/WiringOP I use it
  8. as far as I remember this is not possible because of the design of boards. Maybe I'm wrong
  9. @zador.blood.stained Tell me solution to restart button
  10. What else can I do? Is there a way to specify in compile.sh you need to use version 4.6 kernel?
  11. Today, I have built a new image I use Xenial with gcc 5.2 as recommended @tkaiser But it has not given a positive result.
  12. @Igor Thank you for your link. Probably the best option eMMC
  13. @tkaiser - Proposes to replace the build host Xenial with new version gcc ? I would like to build your own vanilla kernel for Orange PI One
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