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  1. I installed the latest focal current 20200723 image and the new locale settings are a disaster. Just because my IP address is from an arabic country all my default locale settings are changed...


    On this image, you boot straight into root password change. This is a regressive move in my view, just because as an example your IP is from France doesn't mean you speak French etc etc etc.


    This is almost like websites where you cannot find the option to change your language... armbian-config should be used for this type of change, not a default change you cannot override at 1st boot time.


    And I know this is not from this image created by you, but please Mr. @balbes150, speak to our comrades at ArmbianHQ to revert :-)

  2. 14 minutes ago, DaviMesquita said:

    I just wanted to make sure that I tried everything about this wifi issue. Now I can rest in peace :D


    Hi @DaviMesquita, yes with these boxes it is quite random due to all the hardware differences on the "same models". Personally I have found that looking at the various DTB files help (once you have converted them to DTS) and even managed to solve a few small issues for my boxes. 


    BTW my SSV6051 loads perfectly and works on 2.4Ghz, which as far as I recall is correct since it doesn't support 5Ghz on the CSC RK322x image. You might want to test this one as well just to be sure.




    Here is my mntui output:



    One thing you can try is the DTB file changes, the other I read somewhere is using the Wi-Fi p2p0 since somebody said somewhere they could only get it working on p2p0 but not on wlan0 interface.


    Regarding your thought for using this in lower income households, perfect, I thought about the same in South Africa. The only issue is getting consistent hardware, and I now believe the only way manufacturing in Taiwan at a slightly higher cost. But with the whole covid think it might actually be worthwhile in our developing countries...


    Good luck!

  3. Hi @moshem, I think something changed in the latest kernel. Mine was working fine a while ago with meson-gxm-q200.dtb. Then it got unstable and I even tried building my own images with no luck. I read somewhere that there is a timing change which was affecting some boards. This I believe introduced this instability.


    Some observations:

    1) Sometimes eth0 would come up, work for a short while and then stop. Not even rebooting works and it remains hard down

    2) I can see on my router that auto negotiation  goes for 1Gbps, but my board is only 100Mbps. Did not find a place where I could change it

    3) I noticed some changes in the dtb files over the last couple of images. I tried using the old dtbs which were more stable but no luck


    Semi work around I found today was using the meson-gxm-mecool-kiii-pro.dtb. It still negotiates at 1Gbps and network performance is poor but at least it comes up.


    If you can try Balbes150's latest GPU test image and see if any of the DTB files works for you.  I think there are a few new dtb files in this image, not sure.



    Hope you find something that works and look forward to hearing your findings.


  4. 38 minutes ago, jock said:

    edit: I'm in the middle of testing the images and it seems there's something wrong with the bootloader, so don't download them yet!

    Not sure if this is related... Today I cloned the build scripts from https://github.com/armbian/build and created a legacy Ubuntu desktop image for CSC RK322x. Everything worked well and I only had to use Multitool again to install the NAND bootloader (previously I had the Debian test image from 2 days ago installed via StepNAND). After the bootloader reinstall it booted straight from the sdcard. Armbian-config works etc...


    I have to say this is a major milestone and well done @jock and team!

  5. 16 hours ago, jock said:

    Uhm, sounds very strange, the "inconsistency" is right to be there, that's just because the image is smaller than the whole NAND and later armbian will resize the partition to the full size, but other than that the filesystem should be clean.


    I suspect something went wrong during the burn process, but this is puzzling as long as you reinstalled the legacy image correctly.


    I will double check the image and maybe ask you to do another test if you don't bother ;)

    Thanks in the meantime!


    edit: the image seems ok, could you please download a fresh copy of the multitool and try again? You can also try the Armbian Ubuntu Focal Minimal 4.4 on first page image in alternative, but a newer copy of the multitool is essential because I changed the step-nand process to bring an overlay-capable u-boot.


    I started from scratch and tried again on both Ubuntu and the Debian test images. Good news is that is worked. Only differences were I first erased flash, installed the bootloader and then the StepNAND image transfer. This may have made a difference since I had the Ubuntu desktop image installed previously or maybe not. Please note that I did not previously or today installed the original Android image first.


    General observations:

    * WiFi was not detected. I am not 100% sure, but I thought this worked in images from earlier this year when I selected the Generic option in rk322x-config 

    * Only difference in rk322x-config on Ubuntu and Debian is the red-color of text in the tool between the two images

    * I installed armbian-config but it hangs. I ensured apt update & upgrade was done prior to installation

    * LED config:

    led-conf1 (Chiptrip) blue light on
    led-conf2 (R329q) light off

    * I selected both the 3228A and 3228B options in rk322x-config. Did not seem to make any obvious difference except of course the clock speed


    Notes: This is a Scishion V88 4K with 3228? chip... 1GB RAM, 8GB NAND... I think it has the SSV SV6051P chip (This did not work in the legacy Ubuntu desktop image I tried yesterday either)


    Thanks again for the efforts and congrats on the progress. Let me know if anything else I can test...

  6. On 6/16/2020 at 1:26 PM, jock said:

    If you could download this test image (Debian minimal, console only), burn it on NAND, configure using rk322x-config, shutdown the board, unplug and replug power and confirm everything works ok, I would be really glad for any report. This will speed up moving to mainline armbian, which could really happen this week! Thanks!

    Hi @jock, I gave this a go and unfortunately it failed and dropped to the busybox shell...


    The drop https://pasteboard.co/JdvdOY2.jpg

    Tried fsck https://pasteboard.co/JdvegbK.jpg


    Steps I took:

    1) Used a know good multitool sd card (used it today to install the legacy image as well)

    2) Simply booted and installed the image linked above via StepNAND


    Let me know if anything else you would like to test...

  7. Hi all, 


    Since the previous thread got closed due to not sticking to the topic box, I thought I will start a new thread. Let's try and avoid this turning into a general discussion...


    I have noticed that the price for X88 King (and variants like Pro) have significantly dropped.  This intrigued me so I spend a few hours reading the thread over at 4pda.ru via Google Translate and it seems the stock firmware was very buggy initially. Over the last couple of months some OTA upgrades and custom firmware managed to greatly improve stability. Some questions remain as to whether the 5V 2A power supply is enough but in general the box is more usable.


    Some questions to get started:

    * Did anybody manage to get WLAN and LAN working? (Previously we looked at merging bits from the Android device tree)

    * Anybody know why the s922x/s922x-b does not feature on Amlogic's site?  Almost appear that the S912 is the latest SoC they added

    * Looking at the Meson project I still think we might get lucky with a dtb from another G12B device... fingers crossed.  


    I am looking at getting one of these boxes for myself since 4GB/128GB at such a low price seems like a good challenge/time waster without too many tears if it never works :-)  

  8. Hi @Mark Khevin Rogacion, what worked for me multiple times from complete soft bricked state (once I did rkdeveloptool ef and the other time was when I wrote a legacy image to my NAND) was with AndroidTool 2.51 and a copy of the original firmware. Key is the workable firmware and watch out for whether it is NAND or eMMC. 


    As long as you can get the device to be USB recognized you should be fine. In some cases you would need to press the reset switch inside the AV port, but in a worst case scenario you would need to short the NAND or eMMC pin. I found a picture on which chip and pins to short on forum.freaktab.com. From my attempts, I could not get the firmware to install via rkdeveloptool once I destroyed the bootloader, it showed completed but did not boot.


    Hi @jock, @fabiobassa, @knaerzche, just wanted to say a very very big thank you for your work. This has certainly kept me sane and entertained during these crazy times, as well as busy.


    If you want me to try anything, I have 2 x Scishion V88 4K RK3229 (MX4VR-01) devices with NAND and I am okay to go experiment with losing my bootloader :-)

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