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  1. I'll answer my question myself. For those of you that cannot boot to TwisterOS but could boot on ArmbianReforge, you can try this fix. I inspired this procedure from @balbes150post on LibreElec. https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/20823-unofficial-le-version-for-rk3328-rk3399-3288-3188/ My box is H96Max RK3399. ArmbianReforge Image works Out Of The Box, but TwisterOS cannot boot (Blank Screen). So after reading those procedure on LibreElec, with the help from @sickOS on Manjaro Forum. I got the idea to extract the ArmbianReforge u-boot which is working on my box, then transfer those u-boot
  2. It didn't work, I came up with this tutorial because adding multi-arch simply does not make box86 works. You can also try it yourself. I read somewhere that there are two versions of Arm64, one is compatible with multiarch 32bit, and one is not. But I don't know which one is armbian. But my trial attempts told me that Multi-Arch armhf does not works as expected in my box. There are many dependencies that are broken. even installing as simple as "0ad" armhf does not work. Chroot 32bit is the solution for that. I personally contacted PtitSeb, the creator of Box86, and the advice was us
  3. To fix Sketchup 7/8 Display Error: You have to edit the wine regedit and change the display setting 1. Open Sketchup then close 2. Open terminal then run regedit by typing: schroot -c debian-armhf ~/box86/build/box86 ~/wine/bin/wine regedit 3. Then find: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\SketchUp7\GLConfig\Display 4. Then change the “HW_OK” from “0” to “1” 5. Then close your regedit 6. Then open Sketchup 7/8, you should be ok.
  4. try to use Armbian Ubuntu Focal.
  5. Great, so happy to hear that it works. If you can test, maybe you could report some applications that work by using this method. So that we can have a list of x86 program than can run for the others. Many thanks
  6. Is there anybody that successfully boot to TwisterOs or Armbian using H96 Max RK3399? I tried the dtb but cannot boot. Many thanks
  7. Finally I successfully installed Box86 in Armbian by using this chroot armhf method:
  8. Dear All, I just want to make a Tutorial on my successful attempt in Installing Box86 on Arm64 and Install Wine X86 apps. In this example it is Sketchup 7.1 and Sketchup 8 But before starting I want to thanks to PtitSeb for his hard work to bring this dream into reality (running x86 apps on arm64 box). My system is X96 Max+ S905x3. I used @balbes150 older image to boot to Armbian, many thanks for him. So In general every box running Armbian 64bit should work. This tutorial will use debootstrap Debian Buster Armhf as base for chroot. The keyword is "Arm64" support "Armhf", therefo
  9. Hi @jtremblant, @Salvador Liébana, @NicoD Thank You for bringing this huge update for Armbian. I just wonder, is this Twister OS able to boot in other board? I have an X96 Max+ which is an s905x3 box. I read in the website that this OS is intended for only "Raspberry Pi" and "RK3399" board. I want to run the x86 apps in Armbian, and found out that "box86" is currently the best option. However when I tried to compile it, it gives me error. It is said that I have to chroot to 32 bit system to compile it. But I don't know how to do that in Armbian? Your Twister OS has com
  10. Could you please share a reading about this? It doesn't matter if it is a complicated process for me. Anyway thanks for your reply
  11. ok got it! It means I have to prepare an SD card that is bigger than 16GB to backup my entire eMMC content
  12. Thanks for your reply, I had asked the admin of this post whether is it possible to run armbian in this box without erasing the eMMC? because I want to keep the android firmware in the box while booting armbian from SD Card.
  13. Thanks for your reply, I just want to confirm: Does this mean that I have to erase the original firmware from the eMMC? Is there a way that does not involve erasing the original firmware? instead just using SD Card to boot Armbian while keeping the android in the eMMC.
  14. Hi @jock & @fabiobassa, Thanks for supporting RK322x SoC. I have read the manual, I want to use SD Card to boot to Armbian while keeping my android image in eMMC. I had burned the multitool image, then insert my SD Card to to the box and now it boots to the multitool menu. However I cannot find the "Install Jump Start for Armbian". Here's the menu that I got: 1. Backuo flash 2. Restore flash 3. Erase flash 4. Drop to bash shell 5. Burn image to flash 8. Reboot 9. Shutdown How can I find this "Install Jump Start for Armbian" from
  15. Hi @balbes150, Is there anyway to boot Armbian from RK3229? I used your arm32 image, but could not boot (just blank screen). I changed the dtb from extlinux.conf using: If I used this uboot from your first page post: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99O3A0dDe67Tm1nVjdncVBuaG8/edit then burn it via etcher, My SD Card partition suddenly broke. My box: M96Mini 4k Ultra HD, Aida64 detect it as RK3229 armv7. Many Thanks, rna