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  1. I've actually just re-installed my Helios64 from scratch in an attempt to make it useful. I nabbed the latest Bullseye image from the archives and ran the updates. it's now running Armbian 22.02.1 with Linux 5.15.25-rockchip64. I've not noticed any stability issues so far 🤞 I also installed OMV6 on top without any errors. None of this was an upgrade though so your mileage may vary.
  2. Speaking just for myself here, I think the Armbian team have been amazing in relation to the Helios64. Especially so given the fact that Kobol has gone away. I wish I knew or understood enough about building Linux to be more helpful in terms of keeping it supported but I honestly don't understand any of it. The product wasn't perfect but it was a Kickstarter after all and I've still not seen anything else on ARM yet with the same amount of SATA ports available. Hopefully any future board creators will learn that they should create symbiotic relationships with Armbian and provide time and resources to the project.
  3. Feels like this should be on here so everyone knows https://blog.kobol.io/2021/08/25/we-are-pulling-the-plug/
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    Helios64 Support

    Thanks for the offer but it was easier to just align them so I don't have any before pictures to send. Basically the two halves of the shell were 2-3 cm adrift from being flush.
  5. rjgould

    Helios64 Support

    After some trial and error with the same issue on the USB-C port, I discovered that the USB3 ports were not going into the back panel 100% flush. Once I sorted this out the back panel aligned properly. If you're just having issues with the USB port then consider yourself lucky, on my case the two halves making up the body were not even in alignment I'm so glad someone posted about this, I've been playing around for a day or so trying to get this to work with no luck. Thanks!
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