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  1. Hi, I'm doing some small changes to the nanopi-neo-air dtb. I am working from a decompiled dtb file. I would like to work from original patched Armbian dts files to get a better understanding without ploughing through device tree documentation. Where can I get Armbian patched kernel dts files ?
  2. bad dtb. decompile the dtb to dts using dtc change the usbs from status = "disabled"; to status = "okay"; there could also be other changes needed recompile the modified dts to dtb using dtc
  3. Arox, I feel your pain, If I was happy not looking under the bonnet systemd would be ok. I found systemd-shim for jessie, stretch but not buster or sid, it broke a while ago. I'll experiment with sysvinit/xorg, but probably keep this one console/ssh. My 'central repository' is the gateway/router which controls my local network. My view is the network is the centre, my workstation, servers and IoTs are only nodes. I have 9 fixed ips for various devices around the home, it maintains sanity between different boxen feeding each other. If you want control and your apps are available, try OpenBSD, very hands on, secure *nix, I still have to use Devuan for some cad/cam, but the rest in OpenBSD.
  4. Thanx Arox, I've started with a legacy server image, I'll keep that in mind if I run up xorg and minimal window manager, is that systemd-shim, etc from Devuan repository ? a better solution for static network config is dhcp, with the router reserving ip addr for your client mac addr
  5. Debian doesn't directly support rk3399-nanopc-t4,dtb, u-boot does but not the kernel. there's all sorts of issues with 5.x.x kernel rk3399-xxx.dtbs OpenBSD uses dtb from 5.x.x linux kernel which is variously broken - usb3, hdmi, ...... Friendlyarm 4.4.x kernel has good support Armbian 4.4.x seems to have the best of all worlds, and now I've found is simple to implement sysvinit I'm now running far less daemons and background apps for a more targeted system.
  6. I doubt this would interest a virtual, trendy, young person with their head in the clouds, but there's still a few old diehards, with a penchant for scripting. Especially useful for devices with limited resources and getting the most out of a boxen.
  7. Is there any appetite for a smaller, lighter release without systemd ? Unfortunately it breaks some of armbian-config. I use Devuan at times on my desktop and wanted Armbian for a light Arm64 server. I found a Devuan based method to change over, but it is really simple in just Armbian Replace systemd with SysV Init as the init system on Armbian Buster arm64 (nanopc-t4) $ su - # apt update # apt upgrade # apt purge policykit-1 (suggested by Devuan) # apt autoremove # apt install sysvinit-core edit /etc/network/interfaces to include eth0 auto lo eth0 iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp # reboot # apt purge systemd # rm -rf /etc/systemd /lib/systemd # reboot now apt purge unwanted services Parts of armbian-config are reliant on systemd but there aren't any apt dependencies ??? nand-sata-install still works to both emmc and nvme If you want to make the change stick, add systemd to your Apt preferences in /etc/apt/preferences.d/... Package: systemd Pin: release * Pin-Priority: -1 more to test ...
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