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    dancgn reacted to Orfeas in [sold] Selling my helios64   
    Hi, I can't send any DM, don't know why but I am interested on buying your helios64. I live in France. Can you try to send me a DM ? Maybe my account need some kind of approval because I've just created it to answer to your post.
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    dancgn got a reaction from naits in [sold] Selling my helios64   
    Hi Guys,
    i'm selling my helios64. No harddisks and 2 Adapter for 2,5 zoll included. Possible shipping in Europe with insurance.
    Please send me DMs
    Pics comes later...
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    dancgn reacted to flower in Helios64 Support   
    oh sorry. i was confused and though you are talking about nc.
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    dancgn got a reaction from flower in Helios64 Support   
    So, there was the new 20.08.16 today...
    Someone test it? Same anouying bug that kill the server? I'm back to 20.08.10, that was the one that works for me...
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    dancgn reacted to inconsistant in Helios64 Support   
    Ran an update and now on 20.08.13 but getting errors immediately. Thought maybe it was something I had done so was preparing to start with a fresh install. First boot on SD with 20.08.13 gets the following error on boot.