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  1. Solid as a rock. Running omv and a bunch of containers.
  2. registr123

    OMV Issues

    Don't feel frustrated and inadequate. Computer things may look too scary and overwhelming but often that's the only problem. If you do not have time to invest or the funds for proper hardware (I mean Tenda.) there is always the option for hiring one of the "fan boys" to setup your system.
  3. I'm pretty sure you will be able to sell it plenty of people in germany would like to get it of your hands.
  4. didn't work for me also. rolled back to 20.08.10
  5. I choose ext4 resulting in this : mmcblk1 179:32 0 14.6G 0 disk └─mmcblk1p1 179:33 0 14.4G 0 part mmcblk1boot0 179:64 0 4M 1 disk mmcblk1boot1 179:96 0 4M 1 disk
  6. 10x for the answer - I was actually trying to turn them off completely, but only the blue status light and keeping them going to red on errors etc.
  7. CPU temp: 45°C on average for me. 5 WD disks inside omv and few containers running
  8. did you use nand-sata-install ?
  9. Controlling the LEDs. Hello, I am looking for the proper way to control the LEDs. (box facing front next to the TV etc.) Operating System: Armbian 20.08.9 Buster Kernel: Linux 5.8.13-rockchip64 What I get is : root@helios64:/# echo "0" > /sys/devices/platform/io-gpio-leds/leds/helios64:blue:hdd-status/max_brightness -bash: /sys/devices/platform/io-gpio-leds/leds/helios64:blue:hdd-status/max_brightness: Permission denied
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