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  1. richardk

    Banana Pi F2 - Freescale i.MX6Quad

    This is a bit weird. The wiki refers to the "freescale IMX6" yet NXP bought Freescale in 2015.
  2. Perhaps the MacchiatoBin from solidrun? Quad 2GHz Cortex A72, 4GB RAM, $369USD. No Armbian, though. Shame. The Hikey 970? (Up to) 2.3GHz quad A73 and 6GB RAM. $299USD on Still no Armbian.
  3. Let's say I'm deploying hundreds of warehoused devices employing an H5-based Orange Pi Zero Plus, and I need a reliable distinct identifier for each. In another application we're using the MAC address, but that seems not to be EEPROM-ed on the OPiZ+. So, okay, SOC Unique ID has been mentioned elsewhere (MAC generation on the OPiZ+), but where is it available? cat /proc/cpuinfo does not include "Serial". lshw has a "serial" but I'm not sure that's reliable (I've got a Beaglebone that doesn't show one - and it says /proc/cpuinfo Serial: 00000000). So what's a good low-cost (i.e. not by launching Perl scripts) way to obtain the unique CPU identifier - if there really is one? Thanks.
  4. richardk

    GPIO on a Neo

    Oh - okay. If Debian, then "sudo adduser debian gpio" will add "gpio" privileges to user "debian", then log out and back in so the change takes effect.
  5. richardk

    GPIO on a Neo

    In Python: o = open("/sys/class/gpio/export", "w"); o.write("198"); o.close() o = open("/sys/class/gpio/gpio198/direction", "w"); o.write("out"); o.close() o = open("/sys/class/gpio/gpio198/value", "w"); o.write("1"); o.close()
  6. Just FYI, this is what I would use for UDOO Quad: ...but, only if you're not afraid of command line and kernel building. Robert C Nelson does good work keeping his kit current.
  7. richardk

    wifi on Rock64?

    Rock64 doesn't have on-board wifi. Mine's got a Wifi USB dongle, working fine.
  8. richardk

    RK3399 Orange Pi

    I'd love to build a database/search cluster from stacks of Cortex A72 boards. 8GB RAM? Just wishing...
  9. richardk

    What are you using your Orange Pi Zero for?

    For my daughter: Generating sounds in a "Ghostbusters" proton pack, two of them in fact. A Python script reads /dev/ttyS2 to receive instructions from an Arduino connected to buttons/switches, and mixes/plays powerup, powerdown, idle, and fire sound effects.
  10. richardk

    nanopi neo 2 Running Debian 9

    Nano-Pine 2? Is this a FriendlyArm/Pine64 collaboration I've not heard of? What happened to the Nano Pine 1? (I'm joking. Nano Pi Neo 2, with a missing o and spaces elided...)
  11. Beagleboard? Like, the circa-2008 TI OMAP3 600MHz Cortex-A8 Beagleboard w/ 128MB RAM? I actually have one. No, there's no Armbian support. There's: Kinda build-it-yourself, but you can have a 4.12 kernel on Ubuntu 16.04 if you want.
  12. richardk

    Support of Helios4 - Intro

    Maybe it's not a NAS device, maybe it's a distributed database node. You put a dozen of these running a Cassandra cluster...
  13. richardk

    Support of Helios4 - Intro

    Well, okay, but in USA is seems to be twice that price. I couldn't find an Amazon link, but:
  14. richardk

    Support of Helios4 - Intro

    Wow - I'd love to know where you can get an Intel microserver for $200, including CPU and 2GB RAM.
  15. richardk

    Asus Tinkerboard

    "All available?" Didn't you see? (notice the "buy" links...) Okay. Some might dispute "affordable".