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    richardk got a reaction from guidol in Armbian support for BeagleBone Black   
    Beaglebone Black (et al) are already in pretty good hands, as (seems like a project of Texas Instruments employees) does well supporting their own stuff.  If you want up-to-the-minute modern kernels, best by far is Robert C Nelson's work: .  (I support a commercial project with a Beaglebone Black inside, and I'm very pleased with the resources available.)
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    richardk got a reaction from guidol in GPIO on a Neo   
    In Python:
      o = open("/sys/class/gpio/export", "w"); o.write("198");  o.close()
      o = open("/sys/class/gpio/gpio198/direction", "w"); o.write("out"); o.close()
      o = open("/sys/class/gpio/gpio198/value", "w"); o.write("1"); o.close()
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    richardk got a reaction from fcc123 in [Solved] [Udoo Quad] Jessie to Stretch: not booting after upgrade   
    Just FYI, this is what I would use for UDOO Quad:
    ...but, only if you're not afraid of command line and kernel building.  Robert C Nelson does good work keeping his kit current.
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    richardk got a reaction from StuxNet in What are you using your Orange Pi Zero for?   
    For my daughter: Generating sounds in a "Ghostbusters" proton pack, two of them in fact.     A Python script reads /dev/ttyS2 to receive instructions from an Arduino connected to buttons/switches, and mixes/plays powerup, powerdown, idle,  and fire sound effects.