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  1. Hi all, Last week I rendered my device unbootable by upgrading to 20.08.13 (it is stuck in U-boot rather than in starting the kernel though). This is 'known territory' though. So starting again from a vanilla install, 20.08.10 gets stuck in U-boot too, with the following error: Installing to either SD or the eMMC rendered the same issue. I had to revert to 20.08.4 for my device to properly boot again (from SD, as eMMC does not work yet for this release). Since the 5.8.14 kernel is considered stable, I followed https://blog.kobol.io/2020/10/27/helios64-software-issue/ to upgrade to that kernel from 20.08.4 (using armbian-config). Fearing I would draw in the bad 5.8.16 kernel, I did not update anything else from 20.08.4. Unfortunately, this once again rendered my device unbootable, with the same error message as above. So for me, 20.08.10 seems to be not stable too. The Helios64 wiki claims it is though and many users of this forum seem to have no issues with 20.08.10 either. After another fresh install of 20.08.4 - and no further upgrades - the Helios 64 is running stable for over a week now (it had been running on this version stable for a month previously too). So this finally gets me to my question: Does anyone have any idea what goes wrong here? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to debug this? Why is my device unable to boot a fresh image for the 'stable' 20.08.10 release? At no point in the lifetime of the NAS did I tinker with U-boot.
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