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  1. I had also the same problem, take a look on /etc/logrotate.d folder, here there are other files corrupted.
  2. In my case, the file has some configuration for logrotate, and at the end it has some special characters.
  3. I found the errors! The /boot/armbianEnv.txt was corrupted, I replaced the file using that one from sd card, and then changed the UUID of the roor partition.
  4. Hello, i did an update of the system (apt dist-upgrade), and after the system doesn't start anymore. I use internal MMC, so I tryed to use last Armbian buster (Armbian_21.02.3_Helios64_buster_current_5.10.21.img) from sd card and it works. I mounted the MMC, fsck and finally chrooted into it and did an apt update and dist-upgrade, I atach the console log, the system hangs on Starting Kernel. helios64_20210514.txt
  5. I had a similar problem, I worte the following to the kobol support: The problem is the thread hole that is not done very well, and the screw does'nt enter easily. I tighten very hard the screw with hexagon head, this one: https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/img/kit/assembly_pic30.png And now all the trays is working.
  6. Hello, When it's planned the support of wakeonlan? I want to keep my nas powered off, and power it trough a raspberry pi when I need It. Do you think is planned on the next days or in the next mounths? Thanks
  7. Hello, my nas is too noisy, do you know if it's possibile to change the fans with others that is silent? Regards.
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