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  1. To post a positive update on this I've upgraded Armbian to 5.10.23 21.05.2 with OMV 5.6.8-1 and ZFS 2.0.3-1~bpo10+1 and it's now been running for 25 days without becoming unresponsive, memory usage continues to sit at around 33% and system load is low.
  2. Stront, the behaviour suggests high cpu usage or possibly lack of free memory; I can't login via ssh or local serial console because it times out. Unfortunately dmesg doesn't go back beyond the reboot. Mangix, do you suspect it's related to OpenZFS ?
  3. I'm running a Helios4 NAS with OMV 5.6.6-1 and ZFS 2.0.3. After running for approximately a week it becomes unresponsive - OMV login shows a blue screen but doesn't get to login page, SSH timeout and serial login just keeps going back to the login prompt without asking for the password. Repowering the unit (physically disconnecting the power because there is no way to shut it down gracefully) brings it back to life and it runs again for a week or so before the same thing happens again. I'm not quite sure where to start troubleshooting this. Any ideas ?
  4. ... and on the third boot it just seems to stall
  5. @gprovost I started with a clean install and it crashed on the second boot
  6. @gprovost on the first boot I was able to set the root password, then rebooted and it crashed with LK 4.4. Here is the dump
  7. @gprovost I've set the kernel.panic , installed the watchdog and disabled the dynamic frequency switching but it still hangs whilst booting and doesn't reset (I assume because it hasn't got to the point where the watchdog service is loaded). This makes it unuseable because I can't risk it crashing with the HDDs spinning and the fans not running. Even when it does occasionally boot it still crashes whilst doing an rsync. Until you resolve this issue it is no better to me than an expensive doorstop which is deeply deeply frustrating.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, adding extra hardware could be an option but I'm ideally hoping there is a solution to this issue within the Helios64 hardware if possible.
  9. When there is a kernel panic the fans stop which causes the HDD and CPU temperatures to rise unchecked. I've just come back to find my board has crashed again and the HDD temperatures had risen above 60c which is not good. Is there a watchdog or boot setting to automatically reset the processor after a kernel panic ?
  10. Thought I'd download the latest image in the hope that it might be more stable ... kernel panic on reboot, booted second time and then whlst trying to update kernel panic again. This board seems to be so unstable it's bascially unuseable
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