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  1. Would love to have another USB port. I've been reading about the CPU/SoC and it seems to have another USB available. (OTG) I tound the pins inside, but it seems it does not work or needs who knows what to enable it. Been unable to use a even a mouse on it. (need more hard drives!!!)
  2. Also been using mouse and keyboard connected to a USB docking bay with another 2 USB ports + internal HD and DVD when something needs to be done without network connected or whenever there's no x-server working yet. (reboots, recovery and stuff) Until now I've been able to use up to 3 hard drives connected, one at side TVBox USB, one inside USB-multi-bay and one on usb-multi-bay USB port. Got 30MB/s from a USB3 HD case connected to multi-bay Quite the thing... Been waiting to get a DVD-to-HD bay in order to put another HD on the multi-bay so I could free another USB port. (may
  3. Currently copying files from disk to disk (USB) around 2TB already done. Had to take several services down to make CPU be as cold as possible. 80 degrees and it's thermal throtling like a b... But files being copied around 10 to 15 MB/s, otherwise would reach around 30MB/s (USB2USB)
  4. TV Box Name (example: TX3 mini): T95RPro CPU (example: amlogic s905w): S912 Armbian build file name: Can't remember, last supported one from Balbes150 DTB file used: meson-gxm-vega-s96.dtb (tested several others working, can't remember which, only this with HDMI audio, none with bluetooth, some with WiFi but HDMI Audio is more important for me.) Kernel Version: 5.9.0-arm-64 Distribution Installed (focal, buster, etc): Bullseye Working Ethernet (Yes/No): Yes Max Ethernet Speed that works (100/1000): Tested speed well over 300mbps, not sure if it reaches 1000m
  5. I have it finally working as a media/download center/server (torrent) It seems to work even better than the old Atom netbook I had on until yesterday. I wan to apologise to @SteeMan and @TRS-80 since I went bananas on them but it was all a confusion from my part. I'm sorry. I'm tired to get into projects that promise a lot but once in you find nothing is as supposed (that's been almost all open stuff for the last 10 years almost) and this seeemed the case, while it was'nt, anyway I have to blame the forum (software) because is not completely clear on how it manages sections and thre
  6. Get this image: Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_bullseye_current_5.9.0_desktop.img from @balbes150 thread/drives and you will be running in no time. (unless you have lots of files and start confounding them as I did) Ubuntu is a bit harder on hardware/slower than debian, I ended up reburning the flash card and started debian. In the low end they are the same, Ubuntu is just some flavor, color and sprinkles over the hood. Now, I used the match technique.... (like the toothpick but without a sharp end) and after rebooting I found out that I don't need it, put the card and it starts on it own from it
  7. Finally got it, @SteeMan was right, packages have the files inside. I may have got stuff scrambled (in my head and hard drive) after reading and following links and instructions from several threads from the same author.
  8. If info. is there and noone supports it nor delete it, info. is still there... and there's no support. But info. was wrong in the fist place.... That's the thing. (even tho it was not wrong but scrambled and confuse)
  9. I'm sorry if my comment offended someone, but it seemed like if someone were trying to make fun of me in the first place. Obviously he doesn't need to guess, or even realize that I may be someone at least a bit intelligent but I spent so much time fighting with this thing that my mind was in the wrong place. Also, having to read, think and answer to several people makes me get confused and translate some feelings from one chat to another to make things worse.
  10. That's odd... I'm re-downloading all packages since I deleted everything to save some space.
  11. It seems you need to get packages prior October 11, but I couldn't with those either.
  12. I have an IQ a bit over 60, so I downloaded the older packages too, and still there's no such files.