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  1. Every file in that directory has the sha filename extension
  2. I'd be interested in buster current and legacy, but your link is to checksums.
  3. So interestingly once I tried using the lower USB 2 port, my USB speeds began to work at appropriate speeds, both on USB 2 and 3. The wifi (dongle that works fine on other linux computers and raspberry pis) still slows down and quits. If I use the ethernet to my travel router to access my hot spot, network seems to work fine. My new question is this: How do you use the Analog Digital Converter? By the way, thanks for the help with my renegade. I wish these libre computers had a little better and longer term support.
  4. OK finally got everything running right. So I've noticed using wifi dongle, speed was slower than I'd expect and would slow down and finally be disabled, both on USB2 and the USB3. Replugging would work but results in the same experience. Same dongle works fine on other computers. Also youtube through chromium was dropping 75% of frames. I'd like to get these problems solved. By the way thank you for your help. I'm glad I was able to get the emmc reflashed to legacy and I owe it to Armbian and your help.
  5. So to remind, I'm trying to reflash the emmc with legacy, it currently boots properly to current. If i pull emmc i can boot to current on sdcard. After booting and plugging in emmc while running and trying out your one liner I get a " error writing to '/dev/mmcblk0': No space left on device". On looking at /dev/disk, mmcblk1 is only drive showing. Do you have any idea hot to proceed?
  6. Shoot I failed. I did your one liner booting from emmc. I'll try the one liner again.
  7. So I tried the one liner, it's not booting either, Now I'm going to try to reflash with current image.
  8. Thanks for your last advice. I have not tried it yet but will. On booting legacy off sd card: after pulling emmc and flashing sdcard with legacy. and verifying sdcard by reading back and also doing sha256sum on download , I tried several times by repeating whole thing three or four times, The renegade does nothing to be seen except red and green LEDs, near power-in usb port, turn on and remain lit. waited for boot for minutes each time
  9. So, as you probably figured out, I'm new to armbian. Your information was helpful. I couldn't get the legacy version to boot; I did check the SHA sum on the download was valid. I did get current to boot and was successful at flashing it to emmc. Very good. I loaded LXQT. I have 2 problems: 1) USB flashdrives do not show up on device notifier 2) No sound on video playnack, I assume all audio via HDMI is out. As I see it my options are: A) retry and reflash legacy try to fix my current (current) setup - I'd like this if it isn't crazy C) armbian-config had option to switch to other kernel. It had disclaimer warnings and a number of kernels to select from, which one will work, work best? Will I need to fix the same problem on that? What do you all think is the easiest path for me? I would like to thank you all again; I was very pleased to get the renegade to run off the emmc.
  10. Please, can anyone explain to me how to flash Armbian to Libre Renegade emmc. It seems I've bought an unsupported by anyone computer. I at least have Armbian renegade current running off microsd.
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