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  1. Hi, I don't own this device (yet), but I'm considering getting one from the next batch. So I did a little research into its mainlining status. The board should benefit from the RK3399 being a popular SoC for SBCs. The mainline kernel contains a device tree file that was added by this commit back in October. The dts file contains this comment: /* * The system doesn't run stable with cpu freq enabled, so disallow the lower * frequencies until this problem is properly understood and resolved. */ After the comment, all CPU frequencies except the respective highest one on each cluster are disabled. I'm not sure whether the current Armbian kernel also does this (it does disable additional higher overclocked frequencies which aren't present in the mainline kernel). Unfortunately, there is no reason given for the choice of the highest frequencies. But I'd give them a try. That would be 1416MHz for the A53 cluster and 1800 MHz for the A72 cluster.
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