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  1. @hotnikq: I want to thank you for your wonderful work. I finally managed to install the latest EMMC: V1.0 Release Version on my device. I have been waiting for this moment for a year, I am very happy.
  2. @hotnikq "because I'm lazy and I don't want to work on that damn FIT image anymore" Please to make the FIT image for this project. Many more of us could use your excellent work if we didn't have to flash the image in several steps and using many hacks. Thanks
  3. @Kenneth Hidalgo: if you share your working image with us so that we can install it, I will tell you the answer to your question. 😕 Otherwise: sudo resize2fs /dev/drive_to_grow
  4. @hotnikq: many thanks for sharing this content, many people will benefit from it! Just so that even a beginner can have a sense of success, why not share the last image you compiled? I saw you had pretty good results with the last one. Just to make people want to go through the 219 steps described by shaggy013.
  5. @hotnikq: thanks for the encouraging words, but this is too little information for a beginner. I would like to get involved in this project, I would test images and functions, but first I need the basic information. The "shaggy013" link is not accessible, even with registration. However, I found out that building a FIT image requires a .its file and a kernel file.
  6. can someone describe in a few steps how I can cook myself a flashable ROM for H96 Max v56? I already realized that due to the lack of an SD slot, only the RK Dev tools can be used, but it can only handle images in android format (partitions). Thanks.
  7. how to install armbian images on this device if there is no CD card slot? I can't find a description for it.
  8. I'm very like the libreelec patched 5.19.15 version. Where can I find the correct header .deb file for it?
  9. really? This is a bit saddening, because now all media applications are lagging and I thought there was a way to speed up browsing and playing YouTube videos.
  10. thank you for the reassuring answer. Unfortunately, I have no experience in installing Linux drivers. Can someone explain how I can activate the lima driver?
  11. is there a driver available and usable for the Mali GPU? I miss the hardware acceleration in the desktop versions.
  12. @FRIKIdelTO "I have installed several versions of Armbian and in all of them I have the same problem, the WiFi does not work. The networks can be searched, but it cannot connect, it is as if the password is not correct," As you can see, on your board is produced with a new type wireless chip, the 2734C. For this chip should to use a patch, as you can read this:
  13. I have a little problem on the LIRC topic. Pretty much everything works fine, but the POWER button on the remote has a life of its own. When I press it, the box stops almost immediately, I don't think it stops properly. I wrote a separate bash script for this button event, so that it stops properly, but that code does not run, something "catches it" before it and handles it. My bash script works anyway, because if I call it from the terminal, it does exactly what it should.
  14. @Keeper : check my previous post, because the the error is familiar to me https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17597-csc-armbian-for-rk3318rk3328-tv-box-boards/?do=findComment&comment=143890
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