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  1. I have an X96 mini Tv box with S905W CPU. I'm booted from SD card roughly successfully (image by balbes150: Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_focal_current_5.9.0.img.xz). Unfortunatelly the end of boot failed a important component and SSH don't work. Do you know a solution?
  2. @MBB: Thank you for Your advice and the contact on Alibaba.
  3. Ok I see. Here is the board of the 2/16GB T95 Mini: And the available steps when I run the "nand_sata_install" script:
  4. It took me half a day, while I figured out that I used wrong tool for the SD write. The booting from SD card now is fine, but two problem still: 1. Can't install to EMMC. The nand-sata-install script shown "Done", but it don't doing partitioning and copy processes. 2. The audio out don't work both HDMI and AV output (3.5 jack). The device is the T95 mini. Somebody please, help with these my problems if you can!
  5. @MBB, @balbes150: This is my favorite TV box for me too, but I haven’t even been able to boot from these images.( Please write me, that what are you doing besides writing these to an SD card? Thanks!