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  1. Hi Alex, I had a simillar issue. The dmesg had SATA 1.5GB messages and decided to shutdown the SATA port. It seems connector doesn't pinch enough to keep a proper signal transport. The NAS was a secure place and hasn't been physcaly touched for a long time. First,I removed and plug back the impacted hardrive, nothing changed even worst 2 more went down. I did check all voltages and everything was fine. I solved the issue by using contact cleaner fluid (stays a little bit greasy but transport signals), scrap with a special gum the harddrive connector.Everything went back to normal right after. My final fix was to use screws to fix the hardrives in place Regards, Oli
  2. @ShadowDance Someone from our helpdesk mentioned today, they encounter a warning message from Synology DSM after a drive failure remplacement. The NAS was loaded with EFRX series. Here is what you can find in Synology compatibility list now. The 4TB has even a lower number recommended. I wish I had a better Oli
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